Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Joseph's new love is the movie Cars. I bought this movie sometime in the summer and he took to it faster than ants going after a dropped cherry snow cone. He L--O-V-E-S this movie.
During potty training I decided to get him a little surprise one day at Walmart for doing such a good job. As I was checking out, I noticed they had a Lightning McQueen car. I bought it, brought it home and surprised him with it the next time he had told us he had to use the bathroom. I honestly don't think he has put it down since.
Then two weeks ago I was at H-E-B and I turned a corner and there was this shrine of the same series of cars. Joseph's mouth and face beamed with excitement and he told me he wanted down. I let him pick one out since we were about to go on a trip and I thought it would be fun for him to have in the car.
Well, it is starting to get out of control. I buy a new car for him every time I go to Walmart or
H-E-B. And just today this is how a conversation went between Joseph and I.....
J-"Mama, we going to the store?"
M-"Nope, not today. Why, what do we need from the store?"
J-"I need sheriff."
Oh boy, I have created a monster. The picture below is proof of how much he loves these cars. He takes them to bed with him every night and he has a Cars backpack that I had bought way before he ever started watching the movie and loads it up with his Cars cars and his Cars books. Yes, there are books too. Last Christmas my Aunt Kim had bought him this adorable set of 8 Cars books and carrier. I thought he was too young last year to have it out, so I put it in his closet with some other books that he isn't quite ready for. Well, we had watched the movie, he had fallen in love with it and then one day I was switching out some books and found the Cars books (which I had completely forgot about). It was like having Christmas in July. He was beaming. So now when we go places, we grab both boys, diaper bag, Cars backpack that contains 8 Cars books, McQueen, Chick, Big Mater, King, Doc, Red, baby Mater, and Sarge.
Praise the Lord these cars are only $3.98 each....and maybe I should practice some self control before he turns 16 and he wants several different cars. Jeff might not approve of me getting him a Honda, Toyota, Beamer and a Lexus.
I guess I will enjoy it while I can.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This past weekend we attempted our first family trip, with just us four. It was a great time to go to a hotel and not have to cook, clean, or have to worry about anything. Friday we headed to Grapevine, TX to the Great Wolf Lodge. We arrived around 3, unloaded and then headed to the water park. Joseph had a wonderful time. The toddler area was perfect for him. He was able to do everything in that area fairly easily.

Christian had a good time too splashing in the water and army crawling through it. I told Jeff that Christian looked like a Navy Seal in the water, because he moves along on his belly through the water. We even sent him down some slides, holding him of course, and he enjoyed it a great deal.

Joseph was telling my mom on Sunday that I pushed him down a big slide and that it wasn't very nice. That is true, but seriously, these water parks need to get on board and let me go down the slides with him. We went to the bigger kid area and I strapped on his life jacket and gave him a nudge and off he went. However, on the first turn, he ate it, and he ate it hard. He didn't cry, but Jeff, who was at the bottom waiting for him, said he looked very concerned. Joseph was done with that area after that.

There was a lot about this place that I loved and I really want to go back in the future, but Jeff says we need to wait until our youngest is about 3. And by youngest, he means our fourth (If the Lord allows it) being 3. I can't wait that long. I think if we wait two more years, Joseph will be 4, C will be 2 and maybe have a baby, it will still be fun for the two older one's. We did learn this week that Joseph is still at an age that he can't really get off his bed time routine or nap time. We ended the trip with him hitting me and having to sit out. I was making him get out of the water so we could dry off to get dressed and head out to Mimi's house. I did like his enthusiasm for wanting to stay in the water though.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October's off to a great start!

This past weekend my parents came in and we, of course, had a good time. The weekend started off with Jeff and I getting to go on a date. We went to Las Rosas where we shared some beef fajitas. We then headed to Home Depot to pick up some mulch and flowers for our flowerbeds that we were going to work on the next day. That evening ended with a stop at Starbucks where we were able to enjoy some coffee, conversation and just trying to kill time because we had just done the previous two in record time. (I think we are used to eating and doing things so fast because we always have the kids, and then when we are by ourselves, we are able to go slower, but I don't think we know how.)

Then Saturday morning, Jeff and I were going to work on the flowerbeds, but he ended up with the flu junk. He came outside and lasted for about 10 minutes and then ended up back in bed until after church on Sunday. I was very thankful my parents were in town because that could have been a long weekend without any help. So between my parents and myself, we were able to fix up the flowerbeds.

Then Saturday evening my parents, the boys and myself headed to BJ's for some good ol' pizza and Aggie football. The food and company were perfect, but the Aggies stunk it up.

Then Sunday afternoon, my mom and I took both boys to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Joseph laughed a lot and Christian was surprisingly interested in the movie too.

I have the pictures backwards, but here are the flowerbeds afterwards. You can't really tell that we did anything, but there are flowers in there. They are just really small.

Playing around with my new toy.

The beds before we touched them.

October is off to a good start. I really enjoy the fall now that I have kids. Tons of fun things to do. This month holds for us some exciting things: This weekend we are going to go to Grapevine, TX to the Great Wolf Lodge. It has an indoor water park and the the kids beds are replicas of tree houses, tents, and caves. We are in a cave room! They are also going to have a Trick or Treat Trail this weekend, so that should be fun. This month is Jeff's birthday, so I need to think of something to do there. Then we will be heading to Dallas for Halloween where my boys will be dressed as a famous brother duo.
Then of course, the pumpkin patch! I love dressing them up and taking pictures, so this should be fun. Oh, if anyone is willing to help me do this, please let me know. I don't think I can do it during the day by myself, and I don't really want to wait until the evening to do it.
Have a great October!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 8 Month Birthday C-Bear

Seriously, he is 8 months old today. It is going so fast, that it's kind of 'spooky.'

At 8months, Christian:
-Can scoot around and get from room to room if he is really motivated.
-Goes after every single toy Joseph is playing with, even if there are other toys around him.
-Wears size 3 diaper
-He is in 6-9 mo clothes.
-Is starting to dislike it very much when things are taken away from him.
-Has begun to go to Jeff when he gets home.
-Sleeps through the night. Will head to bed around 8 and will wake up from anywhere between 6:30-7:30a.
-Still sucks his thumb.
-Very sweet baby if you are holding him. Towards the end of the day, it is almost near to impossible to put him down.
Happy 8 month C! I can't believe in four months he will be a year old.