Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween and Nathan's Birthday

  Since Thanksgiving is approaching, I thought I should sit down and post about our Halloween. It was a low key evening since 4/5 members of our household were just overcoming or in the midst of a virus. I didn't get a lot of exciting pictures from the fun evening, but honestly, they just wanted to get on with trick or treating  and so did I.
This year, Joseph was the Bumblebee Transformer, Christian was to be a football player, but as we were getting him dressed, he decided he wanted to wear his cape. So he became a SUPER football player, and Nathan was Superman.
 This display was much cuter before the pumpkins were all decorated.

Two days after Halloween, is Nathan's birthday. We went with a Cookie Monster theme since he loves to watch YouTube videos of the furry monster. Below are the party favors that we gave out. This was a revised idea from Pintrest.

 Nathan eyeballing his middle brother. It's a look like, "IF you dare touch that cupcake....."
 It's so nice to have older siblings enjoy your big moment.
 I know what you are probably thinking, but no, he's not upset that his cupcake is all gone. He is wanting his Mimi....his BFF.

This is such a fun and busy time of year for our family! Birthday's and holiday's plague our schedule from October through February! Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!