Friday, February 20, 2009

Does he look like....

Okay, as Christian's mom, I think he looks similar to Joseph's baby pictures. Many people don't see it, but I can tell in a couple of features. I posted two photos so that you can make your own assessment. They have the same nose and same shape of mouth....Joseph's lips are just bigger. Many people don't think they look anything a like because Joseph is so fair complected and Christian has the dark hair. So here you go..have fun trying to decide whether or not they favor each other.

On a side note. We are trucking along. On Monday Christian will be 3 weeks old!! I can't believe it. It will also be my first day on my own, so if you call and I sound tired, annoyed or grumpy, that is probably the reason. I am ready to do it though. Ready to have the boys all to myself and get into a routine. Christian is doing really well. I weighed him yesterday and he was 8 lbs. I think he may be going through a growth spurt because he is waking up every 2 hrs at night...ugh!! Very tiring. At least he is eating and going back to sleep and not waking up to just be up like he was at the beginning. The kiddo sleeps all day too. I try to keep things loud and bright so he will stay awake, but I haven't been successful. He is also a big smiler and when he smiles, it is alot like Joseph's smile.
Joseph is such an angel with him. The other night, I saw him kneel down next to Christian and start talking in a super sweet 'baby' tone. He saw me looking at him and he just grinned and got kind of embarrassed. So cute!
That is all I have for today. I hope to blog next week and keep you posted on our transition, but don't be surprised if I don't get around to it.

Joseph on top.

Joseph at bottom.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Our wonderful Grammy!

My mom was such a blessing these past two weeks. I already miss her and am looking forward to seeing her again real soon. She let me sleep in every morning, cleaned, did our laundry, played with Joseph and held Christian when ever I needed her to. Thank you mom for a wonderful two weeks.

Big Boy Bed

Well, in addition to bringing home a new little boy, Grammy and Papaw bought Joseph his big boy bed this week. It was just a nice little surprise because I wasn't planning on getting this for a while. While my mom was here, there was a good sale going on at the Roomstore, so she wanted to go check it out. We did and were able to find the perfect set up for him. Joseph loves it!!! We might have to take the ladder off for now because he loves to climb up to the top bunk and run back and forth. There is not telling what he would do in the middle of the night. I plan on painting his room in the future, maybe when Christian is a little older and I feel like I have more time on my hands. I am also excited about this bunk bed because I really need to be able to close the door when Christian is napping. So far he has been in our room in his playpen, but I have to leave the door open to be able to hear him. Joseph loves running in there, or should I say, sneak in there and put things in his crib. Now that I can put him in the regular crib, I can close the door and use the monitor. A little bit more relief for me. Yea! Thank you mom and dad for blessing us so!

Joseph doing his happy dance above. Grammy taught him this. This is the dance where you circle your arms around and around. Was this called the cabbage patch dance? Or am I totally making that name up?

He likes to climb up to the top and run back and forth. Yikes!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Joseph's monkey face.

Joseph finally getting some mommy time after not being together all day.

Joseph calls his pacifier a 'fire." Christian loves this thing!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Day of Christian Henry

The Day of: The day came to go to Methodist and welcome this little guy into the world. It was a quiet ride to the hospital, but a comfortable one because I wasn't really in labor. The night before, I believe I slept 4 1/2 hours. I felt extremely tired, but the entire ride I was playing the entire day in my head. We arrived at 6:20 am, got settled, answered some questions and got ready. At about 8 a.m, the nurse checked me and I was only a 2. I was bummed thinking and hoping that I had made more progress on my own over the weekend. However, that morning I kept having cramping but just thought it was nerves "gas", but when they got me hooked up to the monitor it turned out to be contractions. I received the pitocin at about 8 or 9 and was making some slow progress. The nurse had done some blood work on me and did an extra test to test my platlettes because of the blood loss from the first delivery. When the test result came back, they were considered as a 'low normal.' A normal level is 150,000- 400,000...mine was 85,000. They then proceeded to tell me that because they were so low, most doctors won't do an epidural because of the clotting factor. Most doctors don't want to blindly stick a needle in a persons back and mess around the spine and potentially hit a vessel and cause bleeding. They wouldn't know that I was bleeding and I wouldn't be able to tell them anything was wrong because I would be numb. The nurse had done a great job of taking the extra test, because it was a huge factor if I had had to have a c-section. Since the platlettes were so low and I happened to have a c-section, I would have to been put under. The anastegeologist (sp?)made his way into my room and told me his concerns and the risks we were taking, then ordered another test to be done...a clotting test was then order. Between that blood work and test result, I was so emotional. I had to fight real hard to not let the water works come on. I wasn't upset that I couldn't have the epidural, I was just thinking of all the pain I was about to endure and not having planned on it. The entire time, I just prayed some scriptures over and over that I had been reading the previous weeks before. "Peace I leave you, my peace I give to you, I do not give to you as the world gives, don't let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27 "Don't be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds." Phil 4:6-7. As I continued to pray and pray these scriptures an enormous amount of peace came over me. I just kept thinking this is what I was meant to do and how it was to be done. Jeff was so amazing. He kept saying he knew that I could do it, but was comfortable with me getting the epidural if the clot test came back good. I was still hesitant about getting the epidural...I didn't want something to happen and me not be here or good for my boys. I told Jeff that I didn't want to be selfish and was willing to go through this without taking a such a big risk. We just sat and waited at that point. At about 2 p.m, my nurse came in and delivered the good news. They like your blood to clot between 2-8 seconds and mine was clotted at 2.8. She then said the doctor was comfortable with doing the epidural before 3p.m.. I immediately started praising God and started thinking this was going to be a very peaceful delivery. Then I started to get a little nervous because the doctor was to be in my room before 3 to give me the epidural and they checked me around 2:30 and I was 4 cm. I thought this man better hurry because I go from 5-10 really fast. I was starting to feel a little discomfort but it was bearable. A little after 3, I got the best drug ever!! At around 4:30, I felt a little pressure and I was checked and was at 5. The nurse left the room and I looked at Jeff pretty soon after and told him to get our nurse because I felt an enormous amount of pressure again. He said, "There's no way you have done something, she just left." Finally the nursed was reached and in ten minutes I went from 5-8 cm. She paged my doctor and then it was just a waiting game. At 6:10, I was complete and ready to push. I pushed about 3 times while my doctor got ready and then at 6:15, the doctor came over and said push and he was out at 6:19. Soooooo much faster and smoother than Joseph. I got to hold Christian right away and watch them weigh him and preform all their procedures. It was just so amazing and exciting.

How is Joseph doing with all this: He really had nothing to do with him the first two times he saw him in the hospital and it wasn't until Thursday that he would touch him and kiss him. He has been really sweet towards him but has been testing his boundaries a little. I try really hard to be the one to read to him and sit on the floor and play with him as much a possible. I try to get him to help with Christian as much a possible too. Get diapers, blankets, etc. One day I went to get Joseph from his room after his nap. He said, "Grammy," and I said, "she is in the living room" and then he pointed to my belly and said, "baby?" I laughed and said, "nope, he is in the living room too." I think he still wanted him to be in my belly. He has only tried to pick him up once and I had to tuck the handles in in the Moses basket because while Christian would be in there, Joseph would run by and grad the handle and take him for a ride. My heart has broken a couple of times because he really wants me to do everything with him...go for walks, go the park, outside, so on and so on. I feel good enough to go, but I know I need to take advantage of the help and get rest right now. He cries pretty much every time if I don't go with him. Breaks my heart.

How are we sleeping: We pretty much aren't. Christian is a major night owl. Sleeps soundly during the day and catches up on everything at night...socially and eating. Lindsay H. has been so great to have right now. Her words of encouragement keep me going at night. I also just keep reminding myself that this only last for a short period of time and I won't even remember what it was like not getting more than 4 hours of rest at night.

How is the change from one to two: The transition has been pretty easy. I have been serving Joseph for two years, so I am used to being the last to sit and eat, take a shower in the evening and so on. The only hard thing right now is that I don't feel that I get any kind of down time. Hence this post, I started typing this four days ago and will either have it posted today or not. As soon as Christian is done nursing, Joseph wants to be held, play cars with me or go outside. I refuse to tell him 'later', so I try and bless him as much as I can.