Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here's the Hap-Hap

Howdy there. Once again, a nice long month before another post. Sometimes, as a stay at home mom, I don't feel like I much to say unless the conversation is about bodily fluids, tantrums, stages of life, or anything baby related.

We have been doing good. Life slowing down a great deal which is nice since the weather has been gorgeous around here and we are trying to go to parks and the zoo before the temps hit 150.
I took this below picture intending to do a post, "You know when? Part 2." But since I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, I decided to put it on this post. Monday's are my cleaning/laundry days. I had all of Joseph's shorts folded and laying on the couch. Joseph asked me to go play, but I said, "Sure, right after I put yours and Christian's clothes away." My wonderful son replied, "Mama, can I help you?" You can imagine the excitement that went through my entire body for a little person and a boy, being so kind to help his Mama out. I said, "sure Joseph, that would be great. Grab your shorts and put them in your drawers , please." I go to Christian's room and put his clothes away. I ask, "Joseph, did you put your shorts away?" He responds," Yes Mama."
Well, as you can see he almost made it. The shorts are to go in that second drawer there. I will take it though, at least he got them to his room for me. Joseph is not changing too much, but he is talking more and more. He is really trying to understand everything that comes out of our mouths and is becoming very interested in learning about everything. Joe and I have started this new routine when C takes his morning nap. Starting on Mondays we sit down and read a Bible story and then read his memory verse for the week. Then throughout the week, we review the story, do memory work and play games/or something we can't play with while Christian is awake. It has been a nice routine and fun to play and interact with just him.

Christian has started walking this week. Last week he walked around the house like a mummy, but this week he is walking around like he owns the place. He has recently been upgraded from the baby of the family to a big brother. Yeppers, we are expecting again. I tried announcing on Facebook, but I kind of snuck the below picture in with some Easter Pictures and I think it was overlooked. The third time around is pretty fun so far. I remember being pregnant with Christian and telling Jeff, 'I am so afraid I won't love this baby as much as Joseph." At the time, it was so hard for me to imagine loving another baby as much as I did Joseph. Now knowing that you can possibly love two babies the same, it makes me super excited about this one.
Everyone is thinking girl, but I looked at the Chinese Calendar (Not that I'm into voodoo, but I was given a booklet at my first visit and it had the calendar in there) and it says boy and apparently is 90% accurate. We will see ;-). People are already asking what I want, and I really don't have a preference, I just feel so blessed to be having another. But, having a boy would be fun since my sister is having a boy, a close college friend and his wife are having a boy (Being a boy, these guys would be 4 months apart), and I wouldn't have to do a single showers, no changing the rooms, etc.
But if it's a girl, I get to have another shower and get some cute stuff, I will get to paint and pretty up her room (It will be like having your first baby again), and we could potentially have her marry our best friends son and we can finally be related!
So many things to look forward to!
So far, I have been feeling okay. I get these waves of feeling blah. Mornings are pretty rough. I don't have morning sickness, but I feel like crud. I don't want to go from laying down to getting breakfast going and getting ready for the day. As you can see, that's not really an option with a 3 year old asking for ,"break-est." and a 1 year old who likes to be held for at least the first 30 minutes of waking up. Oh, and he wants to watch me make his breakfast. A lot different from the first two pregnancies.
I keep looking ahead because I know it will get better each week, but I do wish I could fast forward to 13 weeks, since my last two pregnancies were smooth sailing starting that week.

Until next month.....