Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're still here

Wow, what a past couple of weeks we have had. Many pictures to follow, so I hope you all enjoy.

Two weeks ago, I asked my sister in law to take Christian's 3 month pictures and me oh my, she did awesome. I can't stop looking at them and smiling at the wonderful work she did.

Mother's Day was really sweet as usual. We went to church and then out to lunch to a really fancy, kid friendly establishment....CiCi's Pizza. Okay, maybe not classy, but very family friendly which was what I was looking for. The boys contributed to my camera envelope, which I decided to start before my birthday. Yes, I am like every other person in the family and want a spiffy camera. Jeff claims I want one because everyone else has one, but I disagree with that. I am looking at this item as an investment. I want to be able to capture life's precious moments, but it is really hard when the precious item won't sit still long enough for you to go click click. I also find it very annoying too that more times than not, the picture will be blurry because the precious little ones won't be still. So, I am wanting to invest in a camera that will meet my expectations and possibly exceed them. I also received some very yummy smelling bath items and am looking forward to using it if I ever get a chance to be alone.

Last Friday night, Jeff and I hosted a kid's movie night. Jeff first came up with this idea when I was nine months prego, and I turned it down faster than ants going after a cherry snow cone. Nothing is a good idea when you are nine months pregnant. So, one day, I started thinking about it and mentioned it to Jeff again. I told him I think I could be of some help now since Christian is super easy. So we had: Mark, Jack, June, Joseph, Tilly, John, Luis, and Christian all under one roof without the parents. We cheated a little and asked Kirk and Anna to come help... boy were they a blessing. Highly recommend these two if you ever need assistance or a babysitter. They helped get plates ready, played with all the kids, held babies and they even cleaned up Joseph's room! IT WAS SPOTLESS! I gave out an audible gasp when I walked in his room after everyone left. I just wasn't expecting it. The kids were absolutely amazing. They were well behaved and very mannered. The thing that kept coming through my mind all night was, these kiddos have some wonderful parents!! They were just so much fun. I spent most of the night with June, Tilly, and Luis. June absolutely cracks me up. Tilly is the sweetest little thing I have ever come across and Luis is just very mild mannered and respectful. It was just a great night. They had pizza, popcorn, 7up, cookies, and we watched the movie Bolt. Joseph loved all the company and was talking about it the next day!

Then on Saturday, we went to the property and celebrated Spencer graduating from UH. It was a wonderful time with family and the weather was perfect. We had some tasty brisket, played some hot box and visited a lot.

There you go, an update of our last two weeks. Other than all these things, the two little ones and myself have been sick. I took Joseph in last week after two weeks of a runny nose and cough. He ended up having a sinus infection and then on Friday I started to feel crummy. Sore neck, throat, and plugged up nose. I was thinking I might have an ear infection because I have been really dizzy these past couple of days and can't hear anything...'how's that different from any other day,' you ask...well, I really can't hear. Finally, after several failed attempts to pop my ear, it finally did it for me today. I was in the car when I did it...not recommended, it made me dizzy afterward and I may not have been driving in a straight line. I said, "praise the Lord," when it popped and Joesph chimed in from the back seat "Lord, Lord." Christian also got all of our stuff. With both myself and Joseph kissing him constantly, he was bound to get something. He has an, what I have diagnosed as an eye cold. Nastiness!! Please pray that we all get well soon. Not joking, one of the boys has either been on meds, sick or both since Christian was 6 wks! No LIE! CH had thrush for 6 weeks, Joseph has had an ear infection, horrible virus, two rounds of colds and to top it off, sinus infection!

This weekend, we are planning some fun things, so more pictures to come. Until then, peace.
(Above) After I picked up Christian, Joseph ran over to the blanket, laid down, and looked at me. I guess he was trying to imitate Christian because I was giving him lots of attention and oohing and ahhing over him. I think Joseph was looking to get the same response.

A rare moment, Joseph being still, looking at me and smiling...even though it is his silly grin.

Just good timing. When we took his 3 month pictures two weeks ago, he couldn't hold his head up very well, and yesterday, I caught this. Amazing how much they change in two weeks.

Joseph holding a frog. I think it's still alive!?

Erika's reaction to Spencer opening his gift. Several of us pitched in to get him a TV for his graduation present. I think they both liked it.

I am looking forward to all these kiddos growing up together. I can see us hosting many more movie nights and sleepovers.

Sweet Tilly Belle!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Months and 5 years

This past weekend Christian turned 3 months. I can't believe how much faster it goes with the second child. It seemed like with Joseph that it took forever for him to grow up and do the new things that he should be doing. At times I wish we could slow the days down so I can enjoy this stage of childhood, but then the other part of me can't wait to see him crawl, walk, hear what his voice is going to sound like and run around with Joseph.

What Christian is up to now:
-Still loves his swing. He will take all his naps in the swing...morning, afternoon and late afternoon.
-Sucks his thumb to soothe himself.
-Sleeps through the night more times than not. However, he is up for the day at about 6a. (Surprisingly, I'm not that tired during the day)
-Starting to like the Bumbo more.
-LOVES watching Joseph play.
-Likes to be carried looking out... I guess he thinks he is missing something facing the other direction.
-Enjoys being outside.
-Still does really well riding in the car.
-He can go from back to side while laying down.
-He can almost lift his head up while lying on his tummy.

This past weekend was another milestone. Saturday was 5 yrs to the day Jeff proposed. I don't know how many people celebrate this, but it is a good excuse to go out. Jeff and I both looked into getting Astros tickets (where he proposed), but they were out of town. Instead, we went to Bennihana's, the place we ate afterward to celebrate. I could eat much more this time. After the proposal I was very shaky and still trying to comprehend everything...My dream man had just given me my dream proposal! I am so blessed to be married to Jeff and so blessed to be a part of this family!