Monday, December 10, 2012

Nathan @ 2 Years

 I figured since Joseph's birthday is about a week away, I should get busy with my 2 year post on Nathan. I tried posting several pictures that I took one day right after he turned 2, but for some annoying reason, they will.NOT. rotate for me. Of course, all the pictures that I posted of him not being cooperative and demonstrating his 2 year old behavior all posted just fine. Go figure!!!
Nathan has transitioned into a sweet little guy. It's amazing what unconditional love and prayer for patience can do for a child. He's never been a terror, but has been known (and may still be known) as a screamer and a weeeee bit DRAMATIC, but he is learning to chill and not get so upset over the little things.
Nathan at 2 years you:
-Wear size 2t pants and shirts.
-Wear size 7 shoes.
-Wear size 5 diapers.
-LOVE trains!!!
-You and Christian have started to bond a little more since Joseph has been in school. You are beginning to tolerate Christian more now too.
-You love jumping on the trampoline.
-You love your grandparents so much!! So much in fact, when you are sick or being disciplined you will ask for them!
-You love playing with your cars and LOVE lining them up...just like your brother Joseph did!
-You love babies, which is wonderful since we will be having one around here soon.

-You still love your milk and you recently discovered chocolate milk, which you love even more.
-You love gum and will chew it for the longest time. When we first gave it to you, you would always spit it out when you were done, but recently you started swallowing your gum, so you don't get as much.
-You have started becoming interested in movies.
-You love anything with pasta in it.
-You love cucumbers, carrots, and peppers.
-You love grapes, apples, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, but no longer love bananas.
-You love riding in Dada's truck.

-Your vocabulary has exploded these past two months and I can't even count how many words you can say! You started putting together sentences right before your second birthday. Some of my favorite words and phrases you say are: Awesome, Nice (when the boys do something that you think is cool), Coocoo (cookie), I sorry, and Jesus loves me (Chi-us luv mia).
-You can name a power ranger: Mia
-You love sword fighting with your brothers!

Your 2 year old Stats:

Weight: 28.2 (53%)
Height: 33.5 (26%)

This is the smile you get when you pick the coldest day in Houston to go take pictures. It was absolutely freezing this day!!!! 
Nathan, you are such a joy and we are so thankful and blessed to have you a part of our lives!