Friday, January 23, 2009

37 Week Appointment

We have progress! I was 2 cm and 50% effaced today. I was glad to hear that I am making progress on my own. She asked me today which day I would prefer, Feb 2 or 3, so I said Monday, Feb 2. They will call today and then let me know on Monday if they have room on the 2 nd. I am just so excited and we are down to 10 days. I was having some contractions this week, so maybe I will keep having them and go in on my own. I am still feeling great and surprisingly have quite a bit of energy. We just continue to ask for your prayers for peace and safe delivery. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words and support. We can't wait to introduce this little guy to you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Today's appointment was full of anticipation and excitement. I am only 1cm, which was somewhat of a surprise because of all the pressure and cramping I have been having. But at least it was something. She guesstimated that he is right at about 6 lbs right now and will be about 7 something at birth. My due date is supposed to be Feb. 10, but today she told me she is going to induce Feb 2 or 3 (this would put me at 39 weeks), depending on availability. I trust that she is making the right decisions here, but I am more of lets let nature takes its course. I don't want to be just 2 cm and be induced and then labor be 10 hours. I am going to be praying that I progress a little more so he will be ready on those dates. Since I had post partum hemorrhaging with Joseph, she really wants to have a controlled delivery with this baby. She told me she is going to have everything on hand to stop the bleeding and staff on hand in case there is a need of a blood transfusion. My first appointment, she assured me that everything that happened with Joseph's delivery is more common in the first and chances decrease with the second delivery. Today, she was telling that I am at risk of having hemorrhaging again, so I was a little disturbed by that. I am really asking for prayers for peace and safety for this delivery. I am ready to get this over with and have this little guy here, safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here are two videos: one of Joseph counting and the other one of him saying his memory verse(with a little help from me on both). Oh, if you get motion sickness easily, maybe you shouldn't watch the second video. Joseph wouldn't stand very still, so I am having to follow him with the camera.
And honestly, is my mommy voice as annoying to you guys as it is to me? uggghgg

Saturday, January 3, 2009

34 1/2 weeks

Sorry for the blurry photo, but you get the gist of what I look like at 34 weeks. This pregnancy has flown by and I have felt great through this entire pregnancy. The week of Joseph's birthday and Christmas, I could tell that I was starting to slow down a little. I was worn out and felt like I didn't have any energy. Once Christmas was over, I felt great again. I guess I had just worn my self thin from preparing and getting ready for the holidays. I go in Monday and then it should be every week after that. I should have gone in this week, but since it was the holiday's, they didn't have appointments. At 36 weeks, she will be begin to check me and I will keep everyone posted on our progress. Just to give you an idea, at my 37 week appointment with Joseph, she sent me over to Methodist to monitor me because I was 4 cm and having contractions. Nothing really progressed, so I was sent home. Then at 38 weeks, she induced. I don't know if it will go the same way, but lately I have had a lot of pressure and cramping so I feel like I will go early again. I also keep having this recurring dream that I deliver at 36 weeks. So we will see.
We have a lot to do before the baby comes, but I don't know if it will all get done. We have decided to wait on painting and getting Joseph's big boy bed for a while. So for the first couple of months, the boys will share a room.
I am so ready to see this little guy. And no, we don't have a name, but here is our list:
Christian Henry
Ryan Ellis
Ethan James
William ?
Your votes are welcomed!

'She thinks my tractor's ....'

Yea!!!! Joseph rides his tractor now! He still needs a lot of work steering...he is more interested in looking at the wheel, rather than steering or looking where he is going. One day he and I were home and we went outside. I just placed the tractor in the driveway and thought he will get on when he is ready. He did just that. He hopped on and took off. For awhile, he was not at all interested in the tractor and really didn't like it when he would press the pedal. He really enjoys it now and hops on and takes off like a pro.
(Oh, on some of the videos you will hear him say 'Joseph.' That means he wants to see himself on the camera.)

Games pt.2

The 'lawnmower game' is where Joseph gets his lawnmower and starts to walk with it. Jeff then chases him down and they run really fast. Joseph absolutely loves this game and it is pretty funny to watch.
The last video is something Joseph just recently came up with. He will go to our room and shake his car and put it on the quilt box. Vroom off it goes! Joseph will do this for like 30 minutes and laugh just as hard as the time before.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our four years...

have been amazing. We celebrated fours years on New Year's Eve. The morning started off by Jeff making a big breakfast for Joseph and I. We then attended an A&M basketball game here at Rice. We won, and just being around mostly A&M fans was a blast. After the game, we headed down town to eat at Benihana' yummy!! When we arrived, they didn't have any seats available around the tables (because we didn't make a reservation), but they do have general dinning, which is like a normal restaurant, the only thing is that you don't get to see the presentation. You just order from a menu and you get your food a lot faster. As we were there, Jeff remembered that it was Benihana's that we went to after he proposed during an Astro's game. It was kind of cool to think of how far we have come from that meal to this meal.
As we ate, we just talked about the highlights of each year of marriage and how quickly your life can take off once you get married.
-First Year- Seems like you argue a lot about the littlest things, however, you just enjoy being around your best friend all the time. The first year is just fun being married. Getting to cook for your husband, go do something without really having to plan, living in an apartment (just fun to experience, but would never do again.) Just being with each other all the time was such a good time.
-Second Year- We moved into our house, found out we were expecting, falling more in love with Jeff, special trips together. Having our first bundle of joy. Still a little selfish, but have accepted some of the annoying habits that your spouse can have.
-Third Year- Watching in amazement of how great a father Jeff is. Watching our baby grow into a little boy. Not as selfish and you don't seem to notice the annoying little habits anymore.
-Fourth year- Just enjoying being around the man of dreams. Continuing to watch our little boy grow; found out about baby boy number two...we just can't wait to see him! Continuing to grow stronger as a couple and as parents. I am so used to serving my family, that I forget to do things for myself...and what annoying habits, I am so used to cleaning up a little one's mess, what is another wet towel on the wooden bed post.
Jeff is the absolute, most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Who knew that night I was sitting in his dorm and he walked through the door and I silently said to myself, "I need a guy like Jeff," would come true. I love this man!!