Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a past couple of days we have had. Tuesday, my mom had to work, so I was by myself with the boys. My dad called and asked if we wanted to come in to town and join him for lunch. We were more than happy about the invite so we went and joined him for lunch at El Chico's. After that, I took the boys to Target and picked up a few things. That evening, my dad grilled out and my sister and brother in law joined us for dinner. (Thank you dad for the dinner, mom and dad for the gift, and Stacey for the cake!)
Wednesday, my mom was off so we went to the Dallas Children's Museum. It was such a blast and I believe Joseph really enjoyed it. He loved the water area and loved staring at all the kids (Field Trip Season ). I have learned one thing about him recently, he is a MAJOR people watcher. I have to constantly turn his head and get him back on track with what he was doing. What is really funny is when he is staring someone down and runs into walls and poles. This usually leads to people laughing, him getting super embarrassed and then mad. After the museum, we drove to my mom's work which was about 5 minutes away. We ate lunch at the hospital and then went to her floor so she could show off her grandsons. They were loved by all ;-). She also gave me a tour of her new unit and showed me the pictures that are up of Joseph, myself, and of Jeff. I think it is pretty cool that my mom gets to see her grandson on the wall from where she works.
Thursday, Aunt Stacey took off and joined in on the fun. We drove to Grapevine and had lunch with my mom , Stacey and of course, the boys at the Rainforest Cafe. Joseph loves animals, and more specifically, Safari animals. I don't know why I haven't taken him to this restaurant sooner, but he absolutely loved it! Our table was by some gorillas, or as he says 'ohla's,' so that was really fun for him to see them go off occasionally. Christian did really good too...his eyes were saucers pretty much the entire time. After a wonderful lunch and many gifts from the gift shop (thanks Aunt Stacey and Grammy!), we headed over to Sam Moon Trading Co. This is an awesome place to get accessories, purses, bags, luggage and many other things for discounted prices. We walked away with tons of new things...more than we probably needed. My mom blessed me with two bags that I intend to use as my diaper bags. I picked out a large one for my everyday diaper bag and then a smaller bag to be used for restaurants or quick trips.
We have been blessed so much this week and we hate to see it come to an end. Tomorrow, we are going to meet Papaw for lunch and then go to a bowling alley in the afternoon. Aunt Stacey took Friday off as well to come and play with the way, Joseph adores his Aunt Stacey. He wouldn't let her leave on Thursday and throughout the day he would just walk over to her, grab her and kiss her. So stinkin' cute!
I heard from Jeff and he is in Paris. If everything goes according to plan, he will be in Houston at 6 :30 p. He said he has a lot of funny stories to tell and some good pictures to show me. I can't wait. Please pray for his safety.

A lot of times I will sit Joseph's food on the chair when we aren't all sitting down together to eat. The other night, my mom heard a screeching sound and looked over. Joseph drug the chair from the table to the window so he could sit down. We just thought this was a cute picture.

This may be really bad for me to say as a mom, but in the above and below pictures, I thought the boys looked like they both have been tasting some 'grass.' Sorry, but just with their eyes and then the placement of Joseph's fingers.

Joseph and then Christian's reaction to the thunder storms at the Rainforest Cafe.

I absolutely love Christian's face in this one. He looks like he is thinking, 'You crazy!'

Joseph was very territorial in the water area. He at one time saw a class coming in the area and he literally ran and grabbed all the ducks. Then some older boys were getting in his way, so he started squirting them with the ducks. I did intervene, but I thought it was pretty funny.

At one time, Christian lifted his head all the way up. This made me go and get the camera, and once I did, he didn't do it again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We're here

Our trip to Dallas started out a little rocky. We started out Saturday morning about 11:30 by taking Jeff to the airport. It sounded like a good idea at the time, since it was pretty much on our way out of town. The weather was probably the worst I have ever seen in Houston. It took us 2 hours to get to the airport. The highway was fine, it was when we exited to go to the airport that it got real bad. The roads were flooded, people's cars were dying and getting stranded...a huge mess. We made it and dropped Jeff off and took off to Dallas. It took us a while to get to 45 and once we did it was pretty much smooth sailing. We stopped to get gas in Conroe and that was when Jeff called and said his flight had been cancelled. I felt so sorry for him. We made it to Dallas about 6:30 in the evening...a long time in the car is all I have to say. Since we have arrived, we have played outside, rode on the tractor, gone to the park, and have eaten a lot! Below are a few snapshots from our first couple of days here in Dallas.
*Update: Jeff has made it France and was absolutely exhausted. He should be on schedule to come back home on Friday, which I am really looking forward to.*

Okay, I know some of you don't care about this, but I just think it is so adorable that Christian has started sucking his thumb. Pretty much anytime you put him on the floor, he will find it and go to town. Just recently, when he is in the swing, he will get it and fall asleep. Now that he has found his thumb, ummm, yeah, he is like sleeping through the night now. Not to brag ;-). Last night was the first night in more than 2 weeks that I had to nurse in the middle of the night. He probably would have gone back to sleep by just sucking his thumb, but since we are all in the same room, I didn't want him to wake up Joseph.

Just chillin' at a park in Rockwall.

This face is not usual for Christian during bath time. He will usually have a huge smile on his face and be talking the entire time.

Something Joseph loves to do around in the pool. The water was freezing, but as you can see, he didn't mind it. My goal is to teach him to swim this summer because he loves the water and I will feel a little better with him around the pool if we have lessons.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was much anticipated mostly by me because I was ready to be out of this house. We went and had lunch Friday afternoon with Grandma and Joseph seemed to be doing better, but during nap, he proved otherwise. I was so bummed, so we stayed home from the McDaniel's movie night. Then Saturday morning, there was going to be an egg drop by helicopter. Jeff and I were excited to see this. We loaded up and headed over to Pearland High where I saw the biggest church event that I have ever seen. There were so many people!! We didn't do any of the free games, inflatables, or booths because of the lines. Plus, we would totally have waited in line and then once we got to the front, Joseph would totally tell us no. I wasn't about to do that. Jeff ended up not taking Joseph on the field for the egg drop, which turned out to be a great decision. He said that it just didn't look like a good idea. Tons and tons of people lined the field and he just knew that he would wait all that time and end up with nothing. So, we just watched from the stands which was fun.
Then Sunday we went to church and then to Marnie and Poppy's for lunch and the annual egg hunt. It was great fun, but both my boys had melt downs during our time there. Christian's was during the photo shoot and Joseph's was during the egg hunt. Ahh, the joys of parenting. C-bear was mad because I woke him up and J-dog had fallen off the dining room chair onto the wood floor...I guess they both had good reasons to be upset. Mark and Jack were so sweet and gave Joseph some of their eggs since he wasn't wanting to participate in the hunt.
Once we got home, Joseph and Jeff hit the sack while Christian and I hung out. He was so happy and I hadn't taken any pictures of him yet, so we went outside and I took some photos of him. Then, once Joseph woke up and was happy, I went and took some pictures of both boys.
So, a great and long weekend. Please be in prayer for Jeff as he is going to France on Saturday. :-( Next weeks post will be brought to you from Dallas.
Peace, LLK

This is only half or less of the stadium.

Bustin' out the candy. He was on cloud nine yesterday because he hasn't had anything sweet for 5 days! I was refraining since he had been sick and didn't think his stomach could handle it.

I love how this Easter Basket is getting fuller each year.

This is what having a virus for four days will do to you. You put a bucket on your head and walk around saying, "Ye Haw!" He is much better now and not doing such crazy things.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two days

This picture says it all. Joseph has had a virus for the last two days. Tuesday morning he woke up really fussy, but I just thought he didn't get enough sleep, but when I went to kiss him, I could tell that he had gotten sick. Yup, he got sick in his bed...again. Such a sweet way to start your morning. Have to clean up the mess that has been there for who knows how long, give him a bath, and try to keep the smallest member of the family happy without touching him. We had actually had a follow-up appointment for Joseph to the pediatrics to look at his ears that morning, so we talked about him being sick. Of course, there is a virus going around and the vomiting would last about 24 hrs and the other stuff, several days. When we got home, we made a bed on the couch and stayed there until 12 today. Before he went down for his nap today, he had eaten some food and was drinking more...all of which he was keeping down and in. From this picture, you know he doesn't feel great because he has his sucker in his hand which he opened in the car on the way home from the doctors. He didn't want me to take it, but didn't want to eat it either. And then there is the Sonic powerade which he barely sipped on and the amount that he did drink, came back up later on the couch. So, needless to say we have been home just hanging out and washing and lysoling everything we own, touch, or breath on. We have a busy, fun filled weekend ahead so I am going to keep him home the next couple of days. I really hope no one else gets sick and misses anything this weekend. We have a lunch date with great-grandma, movie night, 30,000 Easter egg drop (from a helicopter) on Saturday, and of course Easter on Sunday. More pictures and follow-ups to come. Pray that we all stay healthy and that all Joseph's cousins stay healthy too...more fun when they are all together.

Snap shot of our last two days.

My little man that I am trying so hard to keep from getting sick. My hands are soooooo dry from washing them so much. We also had his 2 month check-up last week. He was 11'13 oz and 24 in. Oh, and he is sleeping so well at night. Last night, he went 8 hrs from his last feeding-his first morning feeding... such a great baby!!

Joseph (this afternoon), this was after he finally arose from the couch and started playing and eating. This is what a smile looks like with toast in your mouth.

Yea, back to his old self...the look we have all come to know and love. The look that says, "Whatcha lookin' at punk?"

Taken last week...just thought it was cute.