Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hoop It Up

Here is Joe playing hoops and Grammy getting it on film. I never taught him to do this, he just figured it out one day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

13 Months

13 months today! Can't believe it. He isn't walking yet, but is pulling up more and more everyday and standing all alone more and more. He has nine teeth. He can say 6 words everyday and says many other sounds for words. For instance, his 'more' is 'ma', bath is 'ba', Elmo is 'nono' or 'uhuh', cause he wants me to push the buttons. His new food discovery is Yogurt...oh my goodness! Grammy lets him dip his hands in it and eat it that way...his favorite thing. He can make baskets in his basketball goal. I thought this was pretty amazing. His goal is in our livingroom by our window. The other day I saw him get his ball, place it on the window seal, pull up, get the ball, and then make a basket. My mom got him doing it this weekend on film...I need her to send it to me. Anywho, enough braggin.

His face when he drops something.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas at the Ellis'

We made our way up to Dallas Christmas Eve after we had Christmas at the Kirklin's. Dallas was also a great trip. It was very cold, but a nice little break from the warm weather we had been having down here. Joseph received some other great toys from Grammy and Pappaw and his Aunt Stacey and Uncle Josh.

Joseph in his Santa PJ's. Does anyone else find it hard to get smiling pictures anymore? He is always talking when I am trying to take pictures.

Christmas lunch with Grammy, Pappaw, Aunt Stacey and Uncle Josh. The food was guuuuuuddd.
Our little family Christmas Day.

Christmas at the Kirklin's

Christmas with the Kirklin's was a blast. It was our first with Joseph, since last year he was just four days old and we didn't make it over there. He received more stuff than you can imagine and Jeff and I were equally blessed. Here are a few snap shots of our Christmas Eve.

For the big cousin's gift, Marnie and Poppy got them a train. Here is Joe as the conductor and looking surprised at what's ahead.

Joe sitting in the middle of alllllll his gifts. He was really blessed this Christmas.
I thought our niece June looked so adorable in her pig tails and candy cane overalls.