Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just for fun

I consider myself a pretty flexible mom in the fact that I let Joseph 'explore' and get into things. However, one thing that I really oppose him getting into is our q-tip drawer. This is just too much for me to clean up. The other day I was in the laundry room and I realized that it was super quiet. Kind of like the calm before the storm. So, I quietly walked into our bathroom and caught cool hand Joe. (Not a big mess, but thought his expression was cute.)
Joseph and I went to the Children's Museum the other day and he let me paint his face. I was wanting him to look like a pirate, but the finished product made him look like a hobo. I think I needed the bandanna and eye patch to make this look work.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Waiting for the goats.
Feeding an Emu.

These next two pictures are of the bank and street that I walked down and too when I was 3 with another little boy who was 4 (no adult). I was being babysat by the boys mother and we decided we wanted some candy, but we didn't have any money. So, we walked down 2nd street to this bank and asked the bank teller for some money so we could get candy. One of the workers knew the little boys mom and called her to tell her we were down there.

This is the house that I lived for about 3 or 4 years. It is also the house my mom grew up in. It looks exactly the same as I remember it 23 years ago.
The day we visited Wayne, we stopped by Wayne State College where my parents went to school and where my grandparent's worked as janitors. We wanted to see the athletic conference room that was named after my Poppy, but they are remodeling so it was tore down. I was really disappointed that I couldn't see it. However, they have a Hall of Fame section in the gymnasium and it had my Poppy's picture there. From what I hear he was an amazing man.
These next two pictures are of Joseph in the park in Wayne where my parent's always took Stacey and I. I know for a fact that my parents have pictures of me on these two play pieces. I wanted to find the pictures because I think I would have been about the same age as Joseph. (I don't know why Joe looks so sad in the first one. He was actually having a good time.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're back.....well, almost

My mom and I (and Joseph) have arrived back safely to Dallas from our trip to Lincoln, Nebraska. I tried posting some pictures but it kept telling me there was an error, so when we get back to Houston I will post.
We had a great trip! I drove up to Dallas with Joseph last Wednesday and he did great in the car for me. Then Thursday morning, we set out for Nebraska for my mom's family reunion. My mom had originally told me the trip was about 8-9 hrs....she was off by about 2 hours. It took us 11 to get there and 11.5 to get back. It's okay though because Joseph did awesome in the car. He was also a very happy boy our entire trip!
Friday, we went to a children's zoo there in Lincoln. It was a small zoo, perfect for Joseph. He was able to pet and feed ducks, goats, emu's, donkey's and camels. We rode the train to end the day at the zoo. After the zoo, we made our way to my uncle's house in Hallam, Neb. This was the coolest town I have ever seen. Middle of now where!! About 30 houses, huge silos right in the middle of the town, a train track and about 10 business on the main street.
Saturday, we drove to Wayne, Neb. My hometown. I was born in Pender, Neb (about 15 min from Wayne), but my earliest childhood memory is of Wayne. There is a lot of family history here. My parents went to Wayne State College and met and later got married. We went back to the house I lived in and I learned it was also the house my mom grew up in her entire childhood. I knew my grandparent's had lived there, but had no idea that is where she grew up. We went to the college and I heard a lot of stories and saw buildings where my parents lived and the building where my dad asked my mom if she needed a ride (where it all began). It was just so much fun going back and everything being the way I remembered it 23 years ago.
Sunday, we just chilled and went to a local park that was just awesome. Joseph, I think would have been more into it, but he was really tired and it was really warm at the time we went.
Monday, here we are, safe in Dallas, looking forward to coming home, but not being in the car.
We miss y'all and can't wait to hear about all your vacations.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

18 months

Other than finding out about baby #2, some other new news is that my little man has turned 18 months!!! I really can't believe how time is flying by and I really can't believe Joseph is going to be a big bro! Joseph is so much fun right now and I really feel bad that I haven't had the energy to take him to all the cool sights for this summer. He loves when Jeff is home I think because he takes him outside in the heat of the day, when I won't do it because I feel like I might pass out.
Some new things he does and 1 1/2:
-Can say about 25-30 words....he seriously repeats or tries to repeat everything we say.
-Makes animal sounds. (Elephant, duck, rooster, dog, cow, pig
and horse(my favorite)).
-Will do hand motions to certain songs.
-Starting to run
-Adores!!!! his dada (I wish you could all see Joseph's face when Jeff walks through the door. His faces just tells you how amazing of a father Jeff is!)
-Can communicate what he wants. (goes right to the pantry after nap because he is ready for a snack)
-Has discovered popcorn
-Very dramatic!! He will throw himself on the floor and stomp his feet (If he gets hurt or upset....where do they learn this stuff?).
-And....has discovered corn on the cob (see below)

Looks like a little chipmunk storing his food in his cheeks. In reality, he is making his silly face.

Eggo is Preggo

Okay, almost everyone I know knows that I am pregnant. But for those of you who don't, surprise, we are expecting baby # 2!!!
I wanted to wait until our first appointment to post and that was on Friday, and what happened between then and today, I don't know. I have been napping during my free time, so I think that is the excuse.
Jeff and I are very excited and are thinking it's a boy. We haven't broken the news to Joseph yet...just kidding, well, he obviously doesn't understand.
Our new arrival should arrive February 10th according to my doctor.
The day I found out:
It was Wednesday, June 4 (My daddy-o's birthday) and I was making some calls getting info for our group trip to Schiltterbahn. I called my sister in law Courtney to ask her a question and she sounded like her chirpy little self. I asked her some questions and then hung up. Right when I hung up, I remembered two more questions that I was going to ask her. So, I called her right back and the first thing she says is, "Guess what?" Well, around here that pretty much means one thing since we allllll adore and want many babies. But, I had just talked to her that weekend if she thought she could be pregnant and she pretty much gave a me a confident 'no'. So, I didn't think she could be pregnant, so I said, "What?" She very excitedly said, "I am pregnant." I just got chills and was so happy for her.
Around here, girls talk and talk, so we pretty much know everything about each other... no further details available. So, Courtney says to me, "You should go take a test." I thought, but didn't tell her, 'no, it's too soon, I will take it on Friday.' After hanging up with her, my wheels got to spinning and I started thinking, I should just go take one. So, I did and it was positive!! I called my dad right away because it was his birthday and he called my mom.
The hard part came at church that night when everyone was congratulating Courtney. I wanted to say, "I am pregnant too!!" I didn't announce it because I hadn't had the chance to tell Jeff yet.
I wasn't going to tell anyone, but there was a brief moment that Courtney and I were by ourselves in the kitchen. I whispered to her, "Can you promise not to freak out?" She said, "NO, NO," and I just shook my head and she walked away laughing.
So we are, I believe 4 days apart and very excited to have babies so close together.
Jeff just refers to them as the twins because they could possibly be born on the same day.
That is how it all went down. Please pray for a much smoother and less stressful pregnancy with this one. My doctor already has a plan for my delivery so I feel a little better that what happened last time won't (*fingers crossed*) happen again.