Thursday, March 18, 2010


Um, yeah, I know, its been a while since I last posted, but we have been so busy.
Some things that have taken place since my last post:
We celebrated Christian's First birthday. It was a nice little family party and we combined the celebration with my nephew Phillip since his birthday is two days before C's.

Took some random pictures outside St. Patricks Day.

This one makes me laugh because I kept asking Joseph to sit next to or behind Christian and this is what we could come up with.

Since my last post, I have begun to dislike our neighbor's dog. He has started digging under the fence and has gotten over in our yard twice. He is starting to leave a huge hole under the fence now and I'm not too happy about it. Here is Joseph checking Lincoln out. Joseph doesn't mind too much when he gets over in our yard.

Pitiful dog.

Have gone to Dallas to visit Mimi and Papaw. We visited the Dallas Zoo where we saw a chicken laying on a sheep. 100% cotton.

Not too much going on. Jeff is back in Mexico for business this week and hopefully this will be his last trip for a while.
I am tired and going to treat myself to a movie and popcorn. Hope to have another post soon.