Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo Op

In July, Jeff and I came up for a photo shoot for my mom's work. She is a supervisor nurse for post partum at Baylor Medical Center of Dallas. The particular floor she works on is being remodeled and they wanted to take pictures of all the nurses and doctors families to be hung up in the new unit. I tried posting all the pictures, but they were super small and you couldn't see them very well. FYI, Stacey and Josh were out of town the weekend we had these done, so they were unable to be in the pictures with us. Also, all the pictures that will be hung up will be in black and white... I saw those and they were awesome! So, if you have the time, click on this web site and when asked to enter a code, type in (baylor-5-ellis)
The three finalist from our group were: the one with Joe between Jeff's legs (can't see Jeff), Joe with the sailor hat and trying to take it off, and the one of him on my back and actually staying.
I am told the one that is going to go up is the one of me and him.

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