Saturday, November 1, 2008


Trunk or Treat was pretty fun. We just couldn't think of anything to decorate our trunk with, so we just took our jack-o-lantern and stand and placed it behind our car. Pretty boring. Maybe next year will be more of a success. Joseph did really good wearing his outfit. He didn't complain about the boots or the guns hanging off to the side...oh, he was a sheriff for Halloween. I put some real Wranglers on him and the poor little couldn't sit down. I got them on, put the belt buckle on and when he plopped down, I heard an 'uncomfortable' type sigh come from him. I took them off and put a more comfortable pair of jeans on him.
We ended the night with a party at the Counterman's house. There was Juanita's famous and delicious confetti chili and tons of other great stuff. We had a great time and I am so sad I didn't bring my camera inside to capture some of the hilarity that took place. Now that I think about, it is probably a good thing I didn't capture some of the things on camera. Let me just say this about some of the wonderful and respectable people there....I had no idea. You girls were an absolute blast!

Our first attempt to get just the boys wasn't a success so the mom's had to get in the picture too.

The mom's attempting to get the boys to sit and get a picture taken. John was not wanting to have anything to do with the picture. And I have no idea who the Spiderman kid is....we had asked him if we could get a picture and he said ok, but I didn't realize he hadn't gotten out of the way.

I just thought this was cute. Him losin' his holster.

I have no idea.

My little Sheriff. (Thanks Linds for letting us borrow the belt and boots.)


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Cutest little sheriff EVER!

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