Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I debated whether or not to put any dialogue with this post, because I thought the title pretty much summed it up, but some of the pictures I thought I may need to explain.
I am just going to go ahead and say it; KIDS ARE WEIRD! The things they do sometimes leave me scratching my head and thinking, "Why?" Rather than asking the children to explain themselves, I just go along with the flow.
For instance......
Why isn't when we get out the markers, you have to give yourself tattoos?
Why is it that you insist on wearing sleeveless shirts when is a rare 30 degrees outside?
Why is it that when we let you play with dry noodles, you go to the pantry, close the door and empty about 6 bottles of spices?
Again, with the noodles.
Why is it when we say it's okay to play with one pot, you get every single one out?
Why do you feel like you need empty an entirely new Ranch dressing bottle on a single salad?
Why is playing and pulling books from the bookshelf more fun than playing in your room with all your toys?
Why is it when there is a puddle, you MUST get in it?

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