Friday, August 17, 2012

Expecting Number 4

I am so proud to announce (if you haven't already heard the news) that we are expecting our fourth. We can not tell you or express the amount of joy we are feeling in this household.

Before Jeff and I were ever married, we both expressed that we would love to have four kids one day. After having Nathan, our third son, we were pretty worn out and were tempted with the idea of stopping at three boys. But after a very positive doctors visit in April, many discussions and prayer, we felt like God changed both our hearts and we thought, "why not try for one more?"

So, here we are, expecting our fourth March 28. Now, I know what question is on EVERYONE'S mind. Do we want a girl? Okay, since I was a little girl, dreaming of one day becoming a mother and a wife, I always stated that I wanted four boys. I didn't realize how much I said that until after we announced that Nathan was a boy and I received a message from a high school soccer teammate saying, "You always said you wanted four boys." I said it a lot... apparently. But to be honest with you, I don't really care what we have. A boy would be fun because he would fit right in with his three older brothers and having a girl would be fun to, because it would be like having a first baby all over again. We would get to paint her room, re-decorate, buy new girly things, so that all would be a blast. We are just praying for an uneventful pregnancy, healthy ultrasound, and successful delivery. Nothing else matters to us.

How am I feeling?: Pretty blah to say the least. One day I feel great and then the next day I lay on the couch in my pj's and we watch movies all day.  With the other three, I only got sick one time during my pregnancy with Joseph and that was it. I usually have pretty easy pregnancies and I am so thankful for that. In the past, I usually get queasy in the evenings, but this one I am all over the map. I can feel great and then I get a whiff of something and it gets me super queasy. Jeff and I were joking last night how it seems like I have been in a coma since I have gotten back from Dallas. I have been sleeping a lot!!!! Nathan has been sleeping in every morning and if I set out the ipad or DS, the other two go into isolation so it allows me to sleep in with Nathan. I have also been taking naps with the boys during the day and crashing on the couch before 10. It's been pretty pathetic, but I know it's only a phase and I will start to feel much more energized soon, it's just going to be a couple of weeks.

How is this one different from your others?: The biggest difference with this one is smells!! I am almost certain I didn't have issues with smells with the others. Now, my nose is super sensitive and on high alert and most smells can put my stomach in knots. This is one reason I think it's a girl ;-).

Are the boys excited?: YES!! Even before we had decided to even have a fourth, Joseph would pray for baby Nathan and our other baby. He has been saying for quite sometime that he wants a sister, so he is super excited about our baby. Christian, seems excited too and Nathan, well, he will get used to the idea eventually.

How you can be praying for our family: I have what is called Gestational thrombocytopenia during all of my pregnancies. With Joseph, I don't think they were aware of the condition, Christian, they caught right before I was to get my epidural and with Nathan, my levels we low after my 36 week appointment and routine blood work. Now, this condition is nothing to be afraid of or worried about it, but it something the doctors have to keep a close eye on. Having this condition is one of the reasons we waited a little while longer to even start trying for another because I wanted to go to my yearly check up last April and talk in depth with my doctor about her thoughts on us having another. The worst thing with this condition is that my platelets bottom out right at the end of my pregnancies which cause me to not be able to get an epidural. I wasn't able to have one with Nathan because of it and my feelings towards giving birth with no epidural are, once you have done it once, you can do it again.
  • Please pray that my levels stay above 90,000. This a safe number to be at.
  • That I don't have to see a high risk doctor. One of the things Dr.M mentioned if we had another is that if my levels were to get too low, I would be referred to another doctor, more specifically, a high risk doctor which means more blood work, more ultra sounds and more appointments than normal.
  • Pray for wisdom and comfort for us with our new doctor. I saw Dr. M and she delivered all three of my boys and we LOVED her. When I called to make our first appointment, I was told she was no longer delivering. I was almost brought to tears! I am seeing a young doctor who has worked under Dr. M and their entire practice the past 5 years, and she seems to be okay. Jeff came to my first appointment with me because I wanted his opinion and he thinks she will be good for us. We shall see.
  • A smooth pregnancy, healthy ultrasound and safe delivery. I just want to fast forward and have our new little one here, at home, starting our lives as a family of 6!
We have really appreciated all the words of encouragement and for everyone joining in on the celebration.

Here is a link to a video of us telling the boys that we are expecting. If you can't open it, let me know, I have it as a private viewing right now, but if you have the link, you should be able to open it.

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