Monday, March 24, 2008

Hopppy Easter

I wish every holiday could be like this one. We arrived back in Dallas (from sking) Friday..well, 12am Saturday and spent the most wonderful day in Dallas with my family. Woke up and went to Easter service with Grammy and Papaw. It was wonderful. Joseph got some great thinks from G-n-P...some really cute books that he has fallen in love with and other great toys. After the service, we made our way back to Houston to spend Easter evening with Marnie and Poppy and co.
Here Joe is with G-n-P.
Marnie made this "Easter basket" for Mark's first Easter. Look how it has filled up. We had to take some of the big eggs out to fit all of them in there. Hopefully next year we will have another baby in there. Mark (in yellow), holding Tilly, Jack (in green), June in a beautiful bee dress, and Lil man, Joe.

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