Friday, March 7, 2008

My Epiphany

This is kind of a late response to Katie's blog and her New Mom's Resolution. First, a short story. The other day a couple of mom's and our babies went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Once we finished eating, we all made our way to the play area. While we were in there, my nephew Jack was playing by himself and minding his own business, when a little girl, probably a year older just started harassing him. She took over what Jack had been playing with, started laughing at him, making faces at him and everything he tried to play with, she would just shove him out of the way. Lindsay and I were, well at least I was, in shock at how ugly this girl was being. Lindsay, being 9 months pregnant, just got in between Jack and the little girl and put a stop to it. I was very impressed at how she handled it. I, myself, don't know if I would have been that calm if someone was doing that to Joseph. The best part of the story was before Jack and Lindsay had left, Jack had gone up to the little girl and asked her if she wanted to be friends and then started playing with her. I was so impressed by that and thought, wow, that is how we should all handle situations. I know somewhere in the Bible it talks about having a child like me, this is an example of that verse. I think it is hard at times because we have all been hurt, offended and our hearts have been hardened by certain people, but we need to be forgiving and go up to our family, friends, spouses, etc and say, "Do you want to be friends?" We need to have the innocence and pure heart and mind of a 3 year old and think of everyone as our friend, even though they have wronged us. So, my New Mom's Resolution is to be a Godly model for Joe in ever single situation and encourage those in his life to be the same. I want to handle every situation with Christ like character when Joe is watching or not watching. I want to teach him that we as Christians need to be the bigger and better man in every situation, even when the person deserves to be knocked out (I am not that violent). The way Jack handled the situation was such an example of Christ like character and an example of how great of a job Lindsay and Brad have done with raising him. They are about to have another baby any day now and I am sure that she will be equally amazing.

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