Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Wittle Bunny Wabbit

Our little bunny.
"Where are you, you wittle wascally wabbit?"
The bunny behind the workbench.
This is Jeff using a stick that has nails in it, don't worry though, no bunnies were injured during the rescue mission.

Friday morning Joseph wanted in the backyard to play. I was going to let him out, but realized I had one of his pools full of water in the back yard. So, I proceeded over to the pool to drain it so my child wouldn't fall in. First, I spotted this nasty lime green frog in the water. I screamed because it went swooshing by my hand when I went to pull the drain. After I started draining the pool, I picked it up to empty the rest of the water out and out ran this little rabbit. Scared me to death! It stopped and sat in the grass so I called Joe over to look at it and he walked right over and scooped him up. I freaked and was like, "put it down." I didn't know what it would do, so Joe did as I said and threw it down and then threw his ball that he was holding at it.

Fast forward to arriving home after our YMCA workout and the bunny was in our front yard just chillin. We all went over there to look at him and off he ran. Joe followed him trying to snatch him up again. Eventually, the bunny ran into the garage and behind the work bench. So, this is how we spent about 45 minutes of our Friday morning...trying to rescue this bunny. We tried blowing the blower on it(hoping it would freak him out and he would run out), but it just blew the bunny under the workbench more. The successful tool...a golf club.
Then Saturday I was doing yard work and two more bunnies scurried from behind the air conditioning unit. I think there was a nest around our house somewhere. And what's really funny about these cute wittle bunnies, is last week I noticed my flowerbeds were being dug up...around the bushes. My interesting neighbor has a chicken, yes, a nasty lookin' chicken, so I thought it might be that animal and was going to shoot it with the pellet gun if I saw it in my yard again. Glad it didn't come to that.