Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meant to....

I meant to blog this yesterday, but my day got away from me and I was busy with some other post. But yesterday marked 2 years to the day when I found out I was pregnant with Joseph. It was like any other Sunday morning. I got up to get ready for church. I had a little bit of a back ache, but that is usual for me because I have always had lower back pain since I was a child. Well, it was the day to, well you know, so I thought just for fun I would take a pregnancy test. Jeff was already ready for church and was in the kitchen having breakfast. I secretly went into the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. To my surprise 2 lines quickly appeared. That, and holding Joe for the first time, was one of the coolest feelings I have ever had. I always dreamed how I would feel when I saw 2 lines. I also dreamed about ways to tell Jeff. I thought about wrapping the test and giving it to him, waiting till my appointment and framing the picture, etc. I couldn't wait! All stunned, I went out to the kitchen and said, "Jeff, I might be pregnant." He was so surprised and we went back to the bathroom to look at the test again. Me and my insecure test taking skills said, "I could have done it wrong; it could be reading wrong since it's a dollar store test," and some other excuses followed. We went to church, both glowing with excitement, and had to hide it all morning. To make matters worse, we went to an Astro's game with Marnie and Poppy and had to keep quiet. After the game we came home and went and bought a more expensive test and took that to confirm our excitement. I believe I ended up taking about 5 test just to make sure.
So, we didn't tell anyone for about 2 weeks, which wasn't much fun because I wanted to shout it on top of the mountain. I ended up telling my family and Jeff's family because I was being called in to interview for a public school teaching job that Leslie was hooking me up with. I wanted to be honest with the principal and not make Leslie look bad since she had been talking me up and pushed for me to get this interview. So, I spread the news to a few people, but I think a lot more found out before I publicly announced it.
Anyway, I hope this wasn't a waste of your time. I just wanted to remember this wonderful day. I still can't believe he is here and what a joy he is in our lives. I can remember looking into his empty crib before he was here and thought it was going to be forever when he slept there. Now he takes up most of the crib.
God bless


The Littles said...

So sweet! I actually still have my pregnancy that wierd? :) It reminds me of how quickly my life can change!

Anonymous said...

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