Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving a Pumpkin

This weekend was filled with fun! Friday, we had a Halloween party, went to a Fall Festival, and on Saturday, we carved our pumpkin. Joseph really enjoyed the carnival and attempted almost every game. He would only play if I was at his level and the person handing him the ball or item that you were to toss, shoot or kick. He learned real quick that after each attempt, you went to a bucket full of candy and were able to get something. There was a petting zoo that he really liked and as of today (2 days later) was still telling us, "goat....grass." (There were goats eating grass). Jeff's face was priceless at the petting zoo and carving the pumpkin. He was very grossed out for both. I was enjoying taking the pictures and laughing. He asked me not to post the picture of him carving the pumpkin...I really wanted too though.

Me attempting to get a quick shot of Joseph and our finished product. I was so afraid that Joseph was going to knock the top heavy pumpkin over and that would be the end of our Jack-o-lantern.

Waiting for his date.

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