Saturday, October 18, 2008


Joseph's usual sitting spot while I put groceries away.

"Mess," isn't something you want to hear your 1 year old say. Every other Friday I go grocery shopping. Going isn't necessarily the hardest part, it is the coming home and unloading. Joseph usually wants to play outside while I unload, but I am constantly worried about him running off. So, this past Friday, he wanted to play in the car. I thought, "great!! I don't have to worry about him running off." As I was unloading like a mad woman, I came out and he said, "diaper." Uhhh, "Okay, hold on, let me finish." I finished unloading and then we made our way in the house to change a poopy.
We then made our way to the kitchen so I could put away all my groceries. Any typical shopping day, I will put on a baby Einstein while I unload because this way he is busy and I can get done a whole lot faster. But this particular day, he had already watched Sesame Street, so I really didn't want him to watch anymore t.v.. Well, this is where I went wrong...I should have just sucked it up and let him watch 30 more minutes of t.v. this day.
I made my way into the pantry (which is a common hiding area when we play hide and seek) and every time I would go in there, he would close the door on me (I guess this was his way of telling me to hide). Ugh....gets kind of tiring after a while. Finally, after like the 5 th time, I just decided to re-organize my pantry since I was in there. You know, get the old cereal boxes and old chips out of there. When I opened the door, Joseph greeted me with his hand in the air, head tilted side ways and said, "Mess." I thought oh great. I walked entirely out of the pantry and I am pretty sure the entire time I was in the pantry, he had been holding down the water button on our frig. I just laughed and said, "yes, that is a big mess." He and the floor were covered in water.

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