Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars 2!

As you can imagine, we are excited about this weekend because.......

....has made it's way into theatres. Unfortunately, we have a packed weekend due to meetings, date night, church, grocery shopping, etc., so we don't know if we can make it this weekend to go see Cars 2. But we are super excited that this movie has finally come out.

One of the reason this movie is special to me is because Cars was the very first movie that Joseph sat through and watched (over and over and over and over and over). And, the Cars characters was the first thing that he started collecting. Ok, ok, lets be honest, Jeff and I got caught up in it to. We used the cars for rewards, got them just because we loved the little guy, and Joseph talked Mimi into getting half of the characters.
I remember having these conversations with him:
(At Walmart in the toy isle)
J: Mama, I want this Lightning McQueen.
M: But, you already have a Lightning McQueen.
J: But not this one. I don't have this Lightning McQueen with the dirt on it.
(Disney started to break our bank account by making hundred's of different McQueen's).

It all started with this particular McQueen. Joe had just watched the movie and soon after we started potty training. I went to the grocery store and while I was checking out, I saw this car. I purchased it to give to him as a reward for using the potty and from that moment on, he was hooked. (Now that I come to think of it, this might have been his first car, ever.)
We went from this one car to this............

58 cars total!

We know, it's insane!

I am nervous now about this movie and all the new cars they are going to come out with. We honestly don't have much more room in their car bucket for any new cars.

And to conclude, if your boys ever come over to play and they want to play with cars that don't have eyes on them (once a request from my nephew, Mark), you might have to BYOBOC (bring your own bucket of cars).

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