Monday, June 27, 2011

Life in my shoes

A blog that I read frequently had mentioned that she was going to blog about her daily routine for one week. She mentioned that one of the reasons she wanted to journal about her day, was so that she could look back on it one day and see how busy of a mama she was.
One of the reasons I really wanted to get back into blogging was for a very similar reason. I wanted to have something I can go back to, look at, read about what was going on in our lives, and see how much the boys have changed. For a while, I had been keeping a journal by my bed and would write things the boys were doing, something funny they did that day, or some of the funny things they would say, but I started to drift from writing because I was just too lazy and more times than not, I would get serious writers cramp!
So, today, I thought I would blog about my day(only today, not for an entire week) and all that we did. It's nothing extraordinary, but a pretty typical day around here.
For stay at home moms, it may be encouraging to know that you aren't the only one who doesn't get "me time" until 8pm at night or ever get to just sit and think, for the empty Nester's, it may be a walk down memory lane and may have you wishing for a second that you could have one more of these days back, and for those of you who don't have kids, well, this may be a form of birth control.

6:10 a-7 a: I wake up and C wakes up (but I go put him in our bed. I am NOT on mommy-duty until 7a), I do some laundry, have my quiet time.
7a-8a: J wakes up, I get dressed, make my bed, Nathan wakes up, change his diaper, make pancakes and bacon, we all eat breakfast, the older two watch cartoons.

8a-9a:I nurse N, get clothes out of dryer, put a load in the wash and another in the dryer, clean the boys rooms so I can vacuum, find a sippy cup in the older boys room (can't get myself to open it to see if it's water or milk. My hope is that it is water.), I vacuum the boys rooms,

What the boys room looks like when I pick it up and vacuum (this is at 8:35)

I continue vacuuming the entry way, N starts crying to be picked up, C wants a snack (I won't let him have one because he hasn't finished his breakfast),

What the boys room looks like at 8:45a
Vacuum living room rug, vacuum our room, get C dressed, brush boys teeth, do a short bible lesson with boys (and by short I mean about 15 minutes. After all, I have a 2 yr old and 7 month old in attendance).
9a-10a: Change a dirty diaper, load up and head to the Y, work out until 11a.
11a-12p: We arrive back home from the Y, get the older boys lunch, put N down for a nap, I clean up breakfast dishes, found out that it was milk in the sippy cup that I stumbled across in the boys room (gag!), load dishwasher, boys go off and play, I eat my lunch, N still asleep, clean up lunch mess, check my emails, change another diaper

Boys room at 11:57a

J in outfit #2

12p-1p: Put clothes in washer and dryer, do puzzles with the older two, N wakes up, change another diaper.

1p-2p: Feed N lunch, nurse, play with boys.

2p-3p: Have boys pick up toys in living room and kitchen, read books, older two lay down for a nap/quiet time, I fold and put clothes away.

3p-4p: Check emails, lay N down for second nap, read some blogs and FB, fold more clothes, unload dishwasher.

4p-5p: Boys wake up, have snacks, watch an episode of Word World, I read.

5p-6p: Change a diaper, N wakes up, I nurse, go outside and play, Jeff arrives home (hallelujah!)

6p-7p: Heat up dinner (leftover night is the best), eat dinner

7p-8p: Give N a bath, get him dressed for bed, nurse and put him to bed, go outside with older boys and Jeff, and play in the water.

8p-9p: Older boys get pj's on, teeth brushed and put in bed.

9p..................Free at last , free at last, thank the Lord, I am free at last!

I know, not that entertaining, but something for me to look back on and see how busy I was during this phase of my life. This is a typical Monday though, not a lot of drama (boys, for some reason play really well together on Mondays), stay close to home to relax from our very busy weekends and for me to get chores done. I like being able to get a lot of things done at the beginning of the week, so at the end, we can go places and have play dates.

The reason I took a picture of J changing, was because, lately, he has been going through this phase of wanting to change all day. One day last week he went through about 5 outfits. The following day, I put my foot down and told him he couldn't change anymore, but that caused, how can I say this?, DRA.MA! So we compromised: he can change throughout the day only if he hangs up his shirts and puts his shorts in the drawer. If I find a shirt or pair of shorts on the floor, he isn't allowed to change anymore for that day. Seems to have worked.

What's your schedule like?

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