Monday, August 22, 2011

Nathan at 9 months

You are now nine months! I can't believe it!

-You wear size 3 diapers.
-You can still squeeze into 3-6 months, but mostly wear 6-9 months. I will stop cramming you into 3-6 months when the Fall comes.
-You wear size 2 shoe.
-You LOVE any kind of ball.
-You like to hold something in both hands while you are playing. It's super cute to watch you try and figure out what to do when you want something else, but you already have something in both hands.
-You wave bye-bye.
-You say something that sounds a lot like Dada.
-You take 2 long naps and are in bed for the night by 8.
-Nurse 3 times a day.
-You eat some baby food, but you mostly eat what we are eating. You love anything with pasta. Just like your brothers!
-You went to your first Astro's game last Friday and you did great. We took all three of you and Dada and I were so impressed with all of you.
-You love apples, especially, when you get to hold it and just chomp away at it.

-You really love Joseph, but Christian, you are still trying to get used to him. You usually grunt or squeal when he gets anywhere near you.

-You love being held by your Mama!

-Just this week, you started getting on all four's. (Your brothers were almost the exact same age when they began to crawl.)

-You are super flexible!

-We have to watch you very closely now because you are very determined and quick when you see something you want. You have managed to somehow get a hold of a dice and put it in your mouth.

-You have made a trip to the ER for rapid breathing.
-When the older two are playing rough with me or Dada, you scream and cry. I think you are scared they are hurting us.

-You give kisses on command.

-You dance when we say, "dance, dance, dance."

-You are very interested in the TV when it's on.

-At your 9 month check up you were 15 lbs 8 oz (1%) and 27.o in (13%). You are our tiny one!

I fall in love with you more and more everyday! I feel so blessed to be your mama, neighneigh!

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