Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where Oust Thou Fall?

As much as I love summers: Popsicles, shorts and sandals, water parks, slip-n-slides, cookouts, splash pads, water balloon fights, water gun fights, sounds of the ice cream truck, the Children's museum, dollar movies at Cinemark, Summer book club, and our latest invention.... Our very own......
water slide

I am so ready for the Fall: Pumpkin Patch, pumpkin bread, cheaper water bills, cheaper electricity bills, picnic's at the park, playing outside, the Zoo, soups and stews.

And as much as I love summers: I am tired of SWEATING as soon as I step outside, feeling like I have to change more than once a day, shower more than once a day, always having my hair in a pony tail, having to ALWAYS start the car before I get any of the kids put in, limited to things indoors and with air conditioning.

Come on Fall!

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