Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Recap

Here is our Summer recap in pictures: (No particular order)

We played in the water a lot!We went to watch the Astros play the San Fransisco Giants. First time to go as an entire family and Nathan's first Major League game. *Sidenote* We didn't plan it like this, but the last time I had seen the Giants play was when they were playing the Rangers for the World Series and I was laid out on the couch in labor with Nathan.
Took a much needed and anticipated overnight trip to Galveston.

Boys worked hard and read 60 books each to get their reading medals.

Came across a stack of tortillas that a certain little two year old took out of the bag and took a bite of the entire stack!

We went to Dallas to celebrate Cooper's First Birthday.

Ate Strawberries

Went to Cocoa Beach and Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Went to a wedding at Disney world.

Graduated from diapers.

Sat in large buckets of water to cool off.

And we celebrated Nathan turning 7 months,

8 months,

and 9 months.

Hope you had a great summer!

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