Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beavers Bend Weekend

About two weeks ago we were blessed by my parents, a.k.a, Mimi and Papaw with a trip to Beavers Bend, Oklahoma.
We have been wanting to go camping for a while now, but with Nathan only being 11 months, we weren't sure how tent camping would go. The more Jeff and I talked about it, we thought if we were going to go tent camping, we should go around the Houston area just in case Nathan didn't sleep well in the tent. We had planned if the first night of sleep didn't go well, Nathan and I would make the short drive back home.
After looking at area camp sites and all of them being sold out, we decided to go with a cabin. We were going back and forth between Arkansas and Beavers Bend. My parents suggested Oklahoma because they had a lot to do at BB State Park.
They were right, it was a blast.
The cabin we stayed in was awesome! Usually when you hear or experience a cabin deep in the woods, you think: dirty, nasty, big spiders, dirty, roaches are going to come out of the shower head. Not the cabins we stayed in. They were so nice and clean. It had a kitchen so we, well, my mom (Love You!), was able to cook. We were very secluded, so the boys were able to go outside by themselves and play. Boys are just meant for outdoors and woods!
Here are some pictures from our trip:

Papaw and Nathan enjoying the nice, peaceful river.

What was supposed to be,"just take your shoes off and feel the water,"turned into becoming fully submerged.

I talk a lot about how I love my husband and you may get tired of it, but this picture captures one of the most beautiful things about him. He is such a great dad. Always interested in what the boys are saying and doing. Love that about him.

Enjoying some cotton candy.

Nathan was very interested in holding the blue fluffy stuff, but WOULD NOT eat it. He just tore it apart and would throw the pieces on the ground.

They had a train that ran through BB State Park. It was a nice, scenic ride.

This kid has been DYING to climb trees lately. A few weeks ago when we went to the zoo, it took us forever to get through because he wanted to climb every.single.tree! Needless to say, he enjoyed all the big trees that he could climb.

What I can imagine my boys faces would look like if we lived in the woods. Notice how dirty it is?

Just one of the beautiful views.

Some other highlights: Watching the Rangers win!, roasting marshmallows, kayaking, the boys telling Jeff and I that we forgot to go camping (we had talked so much about camping in a tent, that since we didn't do it, we didn't go camping), almost beating Jeff in a bike race around the camp ground, meeting two labs that were so sweet that I actually thought for a second taking them home with us, and boys sleeping a huge chunk of the 8 hour trip back. They were exhausted!

Thank you Mimi and Papaw for a fantastic weekend!

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