Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

I am really taking advantage of the pumpkin patch picture years, because with boys, I know it will soon come to an end.
For me, it's fun to go back each year and compare pictures to previous years and see how much each boy has changed. Last years pumpkin patch, I was about ready to have our little bundle of joy, Nathan, and C-bear was a little guy.
Taking pictures this year was a little challenging because: Joseph pretty much doesn't smile for the camera, instead, he does these super silly grins, goofy faces, or frowns. Christian, cheeses so hard it looks like he is dropping pellets in his undies. As for Nathan, he was distracted by the hay, grass, pumpkins, other mothers yelling at their kids while trying to get their pictures, "hey look up here. hey hey hey," and the cars that were zooming down the road.
Even though I didn't get the most amazing shot ever, I did capture one of my favorite traditions through the camera and we went away with three pumpkins (small, medium and large), for my little pumpkins, also, small, medium and large.

Love these guys!!

See, cheesing so hard!

Yes! All looking at the camera, although,Christian is about to sneeze.

See, silly smile

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