Saturday, December 17, 2011

Joseph's Fifth Birthday Party

I forgot to load this one, but wanted to make sure it got on here. This makes me smile because everyone was gathered around the table to sing "Happy Birthday," and right before we started, I said, "Hey Joe, smile for me." As he looked up and started to give me a big grin, he saw all his cousins staring at him and the smile was quickly replaced by this face. I guess when you are turning 5, you are just too cool for mom. This weekend we celebrated Joseph's birthday a few days early. His birthday is at one of the most crazy, busy times of year. In the month of December, we have his birthday, our nephews Rex and Jack's birthdays and our anniversary. We usually have his party the weekend before or the day of his birthday (since it's a holiday for everyone), but to make that decision I always call my sister in law to see when she is having parties for her boys. Yes, it's crazy!

I am planning to post the day of his actual birthday about what he is up to nowaday's, but for today, I am posting mostly pictures from his party.

This year, I let him tell me everything he wanted, which is nice so I didn't have to think up anything to do. He wanted it at the house, his cousins over, a whale cake, and hotdogs (which we didn't do since we had a few adults stay and visit, so we ordered Papa John's, which is better than hotdogs).

I love how kids are so impressed with little things. As I was making this, I was thinking how horrible it was turning out, but Joseph thought it was the best thing. I guess as long as a kid can tell what it is, then it's considered a success.

As Joseph was opening gifts, our nephew Rex came up to him and started talking. This little guy and Joseph share the same birthday.

Opening our gift....his first G.I Joe.

Singing "Happy Birthday."

A boys birthday party isn't complete without a Superman,

....sword fighting.

.....and wrestling.

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