Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I am pretty sure I have already titled a post that, but I am too lazy to go and search to see if I have and title this post something else. This post may not be that interesting to you, but like I have said in a past post, I am really wanting to blog a lot more about the boys and the phases they are in for my records. I have a hard time sitting down, opening up a journal and writing down silly things they say or do.
The other night at Community Group, my friend Angie, asked if I have ever heard of I had not and she told me that you can insert your posts on this web site and make your blog into a book. I was super duper excited because a few weeks prior I had been thinking about printing out all my blog posts and putting them in a binder and that being my journal for the boys and a keep sake for us to look back at and see what was going on in our lives during a certain time.
Seeing how printing all my posts since 2007 would take a lot of paper, ink and time, I decided to go check out I loved the idea and web site so much, that I joined and started to transfer all my posts from 2007. It was so much fun reading and looking at all the pictures from then. I first started blogging when Joseph was about 8 months old!! Crazy! Now, he is 5 and now I have an (almost) 3 year old and 1 year old! INSANE.

One of the things I wanted to journal tonight was some pretty cute things the boys have said lately:

Joseph (5)
The other night we were at an intersection and Joseph asked, "Is this the road the airport is on?" Jeff and I, both very impressed, because it was, but we hardly ever take that particular way to the airport and you couldn't even see the airport from where we were.
Then on our way back from a friends house, the same night, we were at another intersection, and Joseph asks, "Is this the road the Y is on?" Again, we were both super impressed because again, he was correct and we don't go to the Y the way we were coming from and again, you couldn't see the Y. So, Jeff and I started talking to each other how impressed we were of him and his sense of direction (basically, gushing about how smart he was) and then Joseph pipes in, "Dada, am I a good knower?" *Sigh*

Joseph comes up to me while How To Train Your Dragon is playing and asks if I like the blue dragon. I say, "There's a blue dragon?" Joseph, "Yes, he comes with his girlfriend."
I kind of chuckle and ask, "Joseph, what's a girlfriend?" Joseph, "A girlfriend is someone you like a lot. Like, June." (She is Joseph's cousin and my boys love her! They pray for her every night.)

One night Christian was whining about something and I overheard Joseph say, "Christian, quit your honkin'."

Beard= Beer
Starve Wars=Star Wars
Life Saver=Light Saber

Christian (3)
We have had this exchange a few times:
Christian, "NayNay bite me."
Me, "Aww, Nathan bit you?"
C, "No, he bite me."
Me, "He bit you?"
C, "Nooooo, *opening mouth and pointing to his teeth* he bite me."
Me, "Nathan bite you?"
C, "Yeah."

Starve Wars=Star Wars
Life Saver=Light Saber
Comemom= Come on

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