Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All fun and games

I have really been wanting to sit down and do a post on our little C-bear. As parents, there are things about each one of your children that you just love. This post isn't in any way showing favor to Christian, but things he has been doing lately have been bringing smiles to our face.

The special thing about Christian is that this kid is always happy. At home he is smiling, laughing, singing, running, hopping, galloping, skipping. This kid is just a happy kid. Needless to say, sad Christian, makes us sad. I mean, don't get me wrong, he has his moments of melting down and whining, but that is usually when he is super tired or hungry.

When he was about to turn 3, I started seeing some signs of defiance. All I could think to myself was, "Oh joy, here we go again." When Joseph was 3, it wasn't the highlight of my parenting. I think it was hard for me to see Joseph so defiant and sassy since he had been this really easy baby and toddler and hardly ever had to be re-directed or disciplined. Then he turned 3 and oh my word, I couldn't believe that was my child. Then Joseph turned 4, and awww, how awesome was that year!? He would say, "yes, mama...thank you mama...yes please," and go get dressed first thing in the morning without ever being asked. It was such a delight. So when Christian was about to turn 3, I was preparing my mind, my heart and my attitude to have to correct, discipline and guide this little guy on how to act. Much to my surprise, Christian turning 3 hasn't been that bad and I am so thankful for that. One of the things Christian has been doing since he has turned 3 is, when he sees something or sees Jeff doing something, this kid falls in love with whatever it is. Christian is also really beginning to fall in love with sports and when we go outside to play a particular sport, he has to get suited up for it...just like the pros do.

For example, when we go outside to play soccer, he has to have his shirt that has a soccer ball on it, the matching short, and tennis shoes.

When we got outside to play football, he has to have his Aggie helmet.
 Jeff has recently started playing the guitar for our church and Christian loves the drummer for the church. One day he grabbed my cell phone and I asked what he was doing and he told me, "I'm going to call Jody." He now likes to sit with me during worship time so he can watch Jeff and Jody play.
 Jeff  showed the boys a video of Dave Grohl and when he did, Christian was all about playing his guitar. The particular video they like watching, Dave wraps his hand with some white tape. Joseph came upon some white tape in the garage and so when they play, "FooFoo Fighters," they want me to wrap their hands in the white tape.
 Jeff took Christian to a Rockets game a while back and Christian played basketball the rest of that week. But to play, he has to wear his blue jersey with a basketball on it, the matching shorts and his black converse basketball shoes.
 Jeff showed the boys a video of Dave Grohl on the drums, so Christian had to put on a white shirt like Dave and played to drums for that week.
 Christian loves baseball and asks quite often when he can play. We were telling him he couldn't play until he was 5, but we are starting to feel so bad that he is having to sit everything out when he is so ready to play. I think we are going to crack and put him in something in the Fall. Every Saturday he wants to go and watch Joseph play tball. Christian sits at the end of the bench and goes to the huddles before and after the games. (Oh, and Christian has to have his baseball hat and glove)

 And here is Christian riding the 'bull.' He wanted to do this after he went to the Rodeo with Marnie and Poppy. He had to put on his 'army jacket' and his Aggie helmet, because the bull riders wear vests and helmets when riding. He has told me that he is going to do the Muttin Bustin next year. I am sure he will and I sure he will probably break something ;-)

The following are just some pictures of our happy little guy. 

 He loves and adores his big brother so much.

Even though turning 3 hasn't really brought upon the defiant attitude or disrespectfulness, he has had three injuries since January. He fractured his arm right before his third birthday by falling out of the door of the trampoline. Then in March, he dislocated his elbow by being swung around. Then last week, he fractured his foot by falling off the top bunk. I want to say here, that YES we do watch our children, it's just this kid is so careless! I distinctly remember joking when he was a toddler that if there was an edge, he would find it. He fell off of everything. It's one of those things you love about him, but at the same time, we are going to have to pray EXTRA protection over this kid in the years to come. He is fearless! Like, I am serious, hours after having his arm put back in place he wanted to go outside and play football. So, like always, we put his helmet on and he charged right at Joseph, who had the ball. Just like that, Christian busted his lip. This kid is crazy!

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