Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nathan is 18 months

I can't believe the time is here, where my baby boy is 18 months old. The time with him has just absolutely flown by. At times I wish Nathan was an infant curled up on my chest, but then there are times I love the age that he is. I love all phases of childhood, infancy to toddler-hood, and one of the things I love about 18 months, is how much their speech develops, how they start becoming more mobile, start developing interest in certain toys and cartoon characters, I love it all. Of course, there can be some moments that are frustrating about this age, like having opinions about things and the ONLY way to share that opinion is to have a screaming fit. This is a difficult age because you can't reason with them, so most of the time you are left with two options: give the screaming child what he wants or ignore the screaming child.

So Nathan, at 18 months:
  • You wear size 4 diapers.
  • Your wear size 5 shoe.
  • You wear 18-24 months shirts.
  • You can wear shorts anywhere from 12 months-24 months (depending on the brand).
  • You still love the water and bath time.
  • You started walking since the last update I did on you. You started walking about week before you turned 17 months.
  • You have been to the beach. You weren't crazy about it at first, but by the end of the day, you were in love with the idea of digging in the sand and crawling and sitting in the water.
  • You love milk.
  • Your favorite fruits are: banana's, apples, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes and blueberries.
  • You like carrots, red peppers and edamame beans.
  • You are starting to feed yourself with a spoon.
  • You are a pretty serious kid. You remind me a lot of Joseph. You both are thinkers and take your time thinking over things before becoming comfortable. You, however, are a little more out spoken about situations (this means you scream.....a lot!).
  • You can say: Mama, Dada, ball, Bible, Joe, hi, bye, more, bite, banana (nana), Christian (Shinshin), Papaw, Poppy, uh-oh, no, yeah, hot, Cooper, down, up, help, cheese, thank you, poo poo, cat, dog, jump, car, frog, and why.
  • You love balls.
  • You have recently taken an interest in Elmo and Cookie Monster.
  • Anytime we sit down on the computer, he grab our legs and spin us around because you want to sit in our lap. You love watching YouTube videos of Elmo.
  • You are starting to interact more and more with Joseph and Christian.
  • You are starting to want Dada more. Sometimes in the morning when I come get you, you ask for him first thing.
  • You are still all about Mimi, but have recently started to go to Marnie even when I am right there.
  • You are a little more strong willed then what I remember the other two being.
  • You love to play with the cell phones.
  • You still struggle with asthma. Thankfully we are still able to treat you with just an inhaler.
  • You HATE to wear shoes. As soon as you get in the car, you are trying to take them off.

This was a special picture because as I was starting to take it, I said, "say cheese." And he said cheese and smiled!  

 You and Christian are really starting to bond. I am so thankful that you all love each other so much.

 Your BFF.
 We need to work on how to hold a Popsicle correctly.

Joseph:                                        Nathan:                                             Christian:
 26.50 lbs (57%)                         24.13 lbs (24%)                                I can't find his stats :-(
 32.75 in (60%)                          32.75 in (59%)
All the boys at 18 months. Joseph and Nathan have the same facial features, but C and Nathan have identical coloring of the skin and hair.

 I was trying to get pictures to mark this special milestone and Nathan wasn't too interested. We tried a nice grassy field, but at first, he didn't like his shoes on. So, I took them off. Then he didn't like the grass on his feet. So, we went by the house and I couldn't even get him to look at me. He let me know he was finished by walking away and telling me 'bye.'

 Oh Nathan, before we know it, we will be having your second birthday. You are a joy in our lives and you keep us on our toes. Love you!!

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