Monday, July 2, 2012

Nathan at 20 months and boy do they look alike!

All I can think about now that Nathan is 20 months is that when Christian (my now 3 year old) was 20 months, I was 8 months pregnant with Nathan. Holy cow, what were we thinking!? I am pretty sure when Christian was 20 months and I was pregnant, he seemed like such a big boy, but when I look at Nathan and him being 20 months, I keep thinking that he is still a baby.

Nathan, has really transitioned into the "little boy" stage and parts of me (mainly my shoulder, arms and back ) are so happy, but then other parts of me (mainly my heart) is very sad that he is becoming more independent and wanting to hang with daddy and big brother's Joseph and Christian. Now when Jeff gets home, it isn't just J and C who run to the door shouting, "Dada's home," it's Nathan too. As soon as Nathan hears the extremely loud garage door open, he looks up at me, with pure excitement in his eyes, and says, "Dada!" and drops everything to greet him at the door. So cute!

Another thing that Nathan does now that is a sign he is becoming a little boy, is at bed time, he doesn't want me to take him to his room to read his book, he wants to go with the older boys and read with them and Dada. Just last night, I went to get Nathan to take him to go read, but he let me know he wanted to stay in Joseph and Christian's room by closing the door on me.

Nathan, at 20 months you:
  • You aren't as good of an eater as you have been in the past. You aren't crazy about meat right now. Part of me thinks it's just a phase, the other part of me thinks you are trying to work the system. You will sometimes refuse to eat dinner and we don't really force you to eat so we will let you down, but then you will go straight to the pantry and ask for a cookie or granola bar. Ummmhhhmmmm.
  • Some new words: cookie, popcorn.
  • One of my favorite words you say is, "helpull." You are trying to say, "help," because you say this word every time you are trying to get up onto something.
  • You have started running. This is always a cute milestone for me. I love watching your cheeks (face, not the rear kind) bounce when you are running. I always loved watching Joseph run at this age because he would put his hands straight back and his (face) cheeks bounced big time. Then Christian, I still remember the day he figured he could run and suck his thumb at the same time. So cute!
  • You love being outside!
  • When you are outside, you love to catch frogs and play with Joseph's frog habitat.
  • You are an animal lover!
  • You are in size 4 diapers, but I think we are going to have to move you up soon.
  • You wear 18-24 month clothes.
  • Size 5 shoe.
  • You love basketballs!
  • You really enjoy playing with your older brother's cars right now, but your favorites are their fire trucks and ambulance.
  • You can do a Cookie Monster impression!
  • You love to watch youtube videos of Sesame Street (more specifically, one's with Cookie Monster in them.)
  • You really like the book  Five Little Monkey's and sometimes you will get this book on your own, open it, shake your little index finger and say, "No no no."
  • You raid!!!! the pantry now. If I leave the door open I will often find you helping yourself to a snack.
  • You give hugs a lot during the day and as much as I love them, I think is way cute when you go love on your brother's.
  • You LOVE skyping with Mimi and Papaw. When you see me sit down at the computer you will say, "Papaw, Papaw." You love to entertain them while we are talking to them.

Nathan, you are becoming such a sweet, fun, joyful little boy to have around. As difficult as it is to see you grow and not be so 'babyish,' I love the little toddler that you are becoming. Love you NayNay (Yes, we still call you that....often)

 BUSTED! Raiding the pantry!

Several people have always said that Christian and Nathan look exactly alike. I tend to agree just for the sake of the argument, but have never really thought they looked EXACTLY alike....until this past weekend. Now, I have always thought that you could tell their brother's because of their coloring (they are both my olive skinned boys), they have darker eyes (C has light brown/greenish colored eyes, actually his eyes look exactly like my dad's, and Nathan has big brown eyes). I have always thought Nathan and Joseph favored each other more because of their features. They both have the big heads, big ears, big smile and big, round eyes. Now that I just described those two boys they don't sound that cute, but I promise, they are some good lookin' dudes.
This past Saturday, my mother in law took the boys (younger two, the older one had a booboo tummy), and twice after they got home I had mistaken Christian for Nathan. I came out and told Jeff how much they were looking alike that day and decided to take a picture. For the first time in 20 months, I thought, "Wow, they do look a lot alike."

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Julie Rogers said...

Your boys are adorable---and mine are about the same ages and I have that exact same feeling. How did I do it?!?! It goes by way too fast, eh? Hope you have a great 4th!