Friday, May 2, 2008

4 Years Ago Today

Today marks another amazing milestone. This day four years ago, Jeff proposed to me in front of 38,000 Astros Fans. I was really surprised and was not expecting it at all.
We started the morning by going to church and then we made our way to the game. After the proposal, I realized that he had been acting different. Right before the 5th inning, we made our way to the food court to get something to eat. I told him I was going to go to this one place and he said he was going to go to another place to get food. I said, "Ok, lets meet back by the entrance to our seats and then go sit down together." He ended up not coming right back and I was like, "Where in the world is he!" Come to find out, he was meeting the camera man who was going to film the proposal.
I waited for a few minutes and then decided to go and meet him where I thought he was going to get food. After not finding him, I headed back to my original meeting place. On my way back, I ran into Wayne and Melissa. I thought to myself, that was a weird coincidence. I shrugged it off and finally found Jeff. I saw that he didn't have any food and was like, why aren't you eating?
Soooo, we made our way down to our seats and the kiss cam came on. Down came this cameraman and the enormous camera right on me. I was so embarrassed and was trying so hard to not look at him. Jeff nudged me and pointed to the jumbo traun. I leaned over to kiss him and he kind of pulled away. I was like, "What are you doing?" He then popped back up, kissed me and then got down on one knee. My stomach just sang and I had a huge sigh of relief that he was finally going to ask me.
We have the proposal on video and I was wanting to post it today, but we don't yet have a program that can rip dvds. As soon as we get one, I will upload it.
I was so shaky and just beaming. Right after the proposal, Marnie came to congratulate us. Turned out the entire family was there and watched it. Jeff tried to get my folks to come down, but my dad had family in.
The reason Jeff didn't get any food? His parents were going to take us to Bennihana's to celebrate...mmmmmmm. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat from being so shaky and still didn't eat for about a week afterwards.
The most amazing thing about this entire proposal was that when Jeff and I were at A&M, we would eat dinner at the same place every single night and with the same group (Mark, Kimmi, and Paul). Those nights are some of the best memories I have of A&M. We would just sit and talk and laugh for hours. My face would literally hurt from laughing so much at dinner. But one night in particular stands out. Now, this is before Jeff and I were even dating. We, well, Kimmi and I, the guys just listened, got to talking about our dream proposals. At that time, I was a huge New York Yankees fan. I started telling them that I would love to be taken to New York and be proposed to at a Yankees game. After Jeff proposed, I couldn't believe he had remembered that night and actually made my dream come true. It just proves that I have the most amazing husband!
It has been an amazing four years and I am so appreciative that he mustered up the courage to propose to me in front of 38,000 people.


Brad said...

I can't believe that was 4 years ago!!! I remember being so excited and nervous for both of you.

Erika Vowell said...

lindsay! wusssuuuuuup? lol. i left you a message on your myspace that you never use...but you need to bc its way better than this thing! i set up an account on here. but i don't like it. but it's just called Tha Vowells.