Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Children's Museum of Dallas

Today's journey started out a little rough. Before coming to Dallas, I looked up the CMofD, got the cost, details and directions to the museum. As we headed to where the directions told us to go, which was a 40 minute drive, we discovered we missed the mark. We called information and the lady said, "I am not pulling up a Children's Museum of Dallas." Wow, what a big help and you are so very lazy lady because all you do is go to Google, type in Children's Museum of Dallas, and BAM! It's there. My mom called a lady she works with who had just gone and she was like, "Oh, I meant I went to the one in Ft. Worth, but there is one in Fairpark." Grrrrr. So I called my husband and BAM! he pulled it up and with the same directions I found. Well, come to find out, they were directions to a little hole in the wall children's place and the one I wanted was in Fairpark, which was another 15 minute drive. So, we finally get there and there are absolutely no signs that say Children's Museum...just signs for Natural Science, Planetarium, Imax, yadayadayada. Not what I am wanting. We drive around and I run into this one building and tell him what I am looking for and BAM! We finally arrive at our destination. Phew!
I so wanted to chew someone out for posting the directions they did and let them know how confusing it was. However, once we arrived and got started, it was a great museum and Joe had a blast.

This was by far his favorite place. It was called, The Backyard. It was a place he could climb up and down things and that he did for a very long time.

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the bow lady said...

Looks like yall had a great time!