Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

After we arrived back in the great city of Houston, we got back to our routine pretty quickly. Then yesterday I realized that I did't make a post for or about Mother's Day.
Mine was great. My husband was kind enough to share Joe and I with my family by allowing us to go to Dallas for a week. I had a great time and I am sure Joe felt the same.
Jeff bought me a new backpack/diaper bag before my trip and this was supposed to be my only gift. But, if you know Jeff, he is always going to spoil me. When he arrived in Dallas, he brought a couple of gifts: 2 seasons of Scrubs and some of my favorite kind of headphones for my ipod. He also went and had my A&M diploma framed. I was so excited about all the gifts. Scrubs is my second most favorite show now and I am so anxious to see my $40,000 diploma in a glass case.
But most importantly I got to see my mama on the most special day of the year. I had recently been telling a friend that it is a lot of work to get up there and not much fun leaving Jeff, but the look on my mom's face every morning when she gets Joe makes all the hassle, money and time seem so small.
It was great to see my parents as usual and it was really hard to leave, especially since it was Mother's Day.
My dad, my sister and I all went in on a gift for my mom, which I think she really likes. But the best gift came from my dad when we were eating lunch. Instead of getting a card or writing a letter just to her, he wanted to share a little bit about how she has always been an amazing mother. He wanted Josh and Jeff to know where she came from, how they met and the sacrifices she always made for our family. It was absolutely perfect and he scored big with everyone. Just some things he said were how she would work 8-10 hr days at the hospital, have dinner every single night for us, clean the house, help us with homework and tuck us in every night. She was a woman of dedication and strength. I stay home full time and am worn out about 6pm, and I could never imagine coming home and having to help two kids with homework.
She also made sure we made it to all our soccer, softball, and basketball practices. She would actually stay and cheer us on even though she would have a thousand things to do at home. One thing she always did, and Jeff thinks I was so lazy and rude for making her do this, but after every soccer practice, she would kindly remove my soccer socks. What!?!? What's wrong with that? I was sore and tired. She always did it without complaining or grumbling. I could go on and on about my mom, but I will let you get on with your day.
I just wanted to share how wonderful and perfect my Mother's Day was. I hope God and your family were able to bless each and every Mother out there.

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Eat Your Vegetables said...

awwww...what a sweet post about your mom. it brings tears to my eyes. it is amazing the insight you get being a mom and thinking: my mom did all of this for me! you can't remember any of it, but being there for your own child really brings an appreciation for all the sacrifices you KNOW your mom had to make.