Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eggo is Preggo

Okay, almost everyone I know knows that I am pregnant. But for those of you who don't, surprise, we are expecting baby # 2!!!
I wanted to wait until our first appointment to post and that was on Friday, and what happened between then and today, I don't know. I have been napping during my free time, so I think that is the excuse.
Jeff and I are very excited and are thinking it's a boy. We haven't broken the news to Joseph yet...just kidding, well, he obviously doesn't understand.
Our new arrival should arrive February 10th according to my doctor.
The day I found out:
It was Wednesday, June 4 (My daddy-o's birthday) and I was making some calls getting info for our group trip to Schiltterbahn. I called my sister in law Courtney to ask her a question and she sounded like her chirpy little self. I asked her some questions and then hung up. Right when I hung up, I remembered two more questions that I was going to ask her. So, I called her right back and the first thing she says is, "Guess what?" Well, around here that pretty much means one thing since we allllll adore and want many babies. But, I had just talked to her that weekend if she thought she could be pregnant and she pretty much gave a me a confident 'no'. So, I didn't think she could be pregnant, so I said, "What?" She very excitedly said, "I am pregnant." I just got chills and was so happy for her.
Around here, girls talk and talk, so we pretty much know everything about each other... no further details available. So, Courtney says to me, "You should go take a test." I thought, but didn't tell her, 'no, it's too soon, I will take it on Friday.' After hanging up with her, my wheels got to spinning and I started thinking, I should just go take one. So, I did and it was positive!! I called my dad right away because it was his birthday and he called my mom.
The hard part came at church that night when everyone was congratulating Courtney. I wanted to say, "I am pregnant too!!" I didn't announce it because I hadn't had the chance to tell Jeff yet.
I wasn't going to tell anyone, but there was a brief moment that Courtney and I were by ourselves in the kitchen. I whispered to her, "Can you promise not to freak out?" She said, "NO, NO," and I just shook my head and she walked away laughing.
So we are, I believe 4 days apart and very excited to have babies so close together.
Jeff just refers to them as the twins because they could possibly be born on the same day.
That is how it all went down. Please pray for a much smoother and less stressful pregnancy with this one. My doctor already has a plan for my delivery so I feel a little better that what happened last time won't (*fingers crossed*) happen again.

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