Wednesday, July 2, 2008

18 months

Other than finding out about baby #2, some other new news is that my little man has turned 18 months!!! I really can't believe how time is flying by and I really can't believe Joseph is going to be a big bro! Joseph is so much fun right now and I really feel bad that I haven't had the energy to take him to all the cool sights for this summer. He loves when Jeff is home I think because he takes him outside in the heat of the day, when I won't do it because I feel like I might pass out.
Some new things he does and 1 1/2:
-Can say about 25-30 words....he seriously repeats or tries to repeat everything we say.
-Makes animal sounds. (Elephant, duck, rooster, dog, cow, pig
and horse(my favorite)).
-Will do hand motions to certain songs.
-Starting to run
-Adores!!!! his dada (I wish you could all see Joseph's face when Jeff walks through the door. His faces just tells you how amazing of a father Jeff is!)
-Can communicate what he wants. (goes right to the pantry after nap because he is ready for a snack)
-Has discovered popcorn
-Very dramatic!! He will throw himself on the floor and stomp his feet (If he gets hurt or upset....where do they learn this stuff?).
-And....has discovered corn on the cob (see below)

Looks like a little chipmunk storing his food in his cheeks. In reality, he is making his silly face.

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The Meurers said...

Hey Lindsay and Jeff! We found your blog through Elizabeth Vowell. Joseph is ADORABLE! Also, congratulations to you guys on baby #2!!! What awesome news. And how fun, Lindsay, that you and Courtney can be pregnant beautiful together and compare baby bumps!
--Heidi, Will, and Samuel