Friday, January 16, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Today's appointment was full of anticipation and excitement. I am only 1cm, which was somewhat of a surprise because of all the pressure and cramping I have been having. But at least it was something. She guesstimated that he is right at about 6 lbs right now and will be about 7 something at birth. My due date is supposed to be Feb. 10, but today she told me she is going to induce Feb 2 or 3 (this would put me at 39 weeks), depending on availability. I trust that she is making the right decisions here, but I am more of lets let nature takes its course. I don't want to be just 2 cm and be induced and then labor be 10 hours. I am going to be praying that I progress a little more so he will be ready on those dates. Since I had post partum hemorrhaging with Joseph, she really wants to have a controlled delivery with this baby. She told me she is going to have everything on hand to stop the bleeding and staff on hand in case there is a need of a blood transfusion. My first appointment, she assured me that everything that happened with Joseph's delivery is more common in the first and chances decrease with the second delivery. Today, she was telling that I am at risk of having hemorrhaging again, so I was a little disturbed by that. I am really asking for prayers for peace and safety for this delivery. I am ready to get this over with and have this little guy here, safe and sound.


The Meurers said...

We're praying for you!

The Littles said...

I know you already know this, but just a little reminder for you... God is the one in control. Not Dr. Manning, not you, and certainly not past experiences. Delivery is always scary, but your chances of everything going smoothly are as good as your chances of it not. I know Joseph's delivery wasn't ideal, but God brought you through it with the end result being a perfectly healthy baby. Focus on that!