Friday, January 2, 2009

Our four years...

have been amazing. We celebrated fours years on New Year's Eve. The morning started off by Jeff making a big breakfast for Joseph and I. We then attended an A&M basketball game here at Rice. We won, and just being around mostly A&M fans was a blast. After the game, we headed down town to eat at Benihana' yummy!! When we arrived, they didn't have any seats available around the tables (because we didn't make a reservation), but they do have general dinning, which is like a normal restaurant, the only thing is that you don't get to see the presentation. You just order from a menu and you get your food a lot faster. As we were there, Jeff remembered that it was Benihana's that we went to after he proposed during an Astro's game. It was kind of cool to think of how far we have come from that meal to this meal.
As we ate, we just talked about the highlights of each year of marriage and how quickly your life can take off once you get married.
-First Year- Seems like you argue a lot about the littlest things, however, you just enjoy being around your best friend all the time. The first year is just fun being married. Getting to cook for your husband, go do something without really having to plan, living in an apartment (just fun to experience, but would never do again.) Just being with each other all the time was such a good time.
-Second Year- We moved into our house, found out we were expecting, falling more in love with Jeff, special trips together. Having our first bundle of joy. Still a little selfish, but have accepted some of the annoying habits that your spouse can have.
-Third Year- Watching in amazement of how great a father Jeff is. Watching our baby grow into a little boy. Not as selfish and you don't seem to notice the annoying little habits anymore.
-Fourth year- Just enjoying being around the man of dreams. Continuing to watch our little boy grow; found out about baby boy number two...we just can't wait to see him! Continuing to grow stronger as a couple and as parents. I am so used to serving my family, that I forget to do things for myself...and what annoying habits, I am so used to cleaning up a little one's mess, what is another wet towel on the wooden bed post.
Jeff is the absolute, most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Who knew that night I was sitting in his dorm and he walked through the door and I silently said to myself, "I need a guy like Jeff," would come true. I love this man!!

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