Saturday, January 3, 2009

34 1/2 weeks

Sorry for the blurry photo, but you get the gist of what I look like at 34 weeks. This pregnancy has flown by and I have felt great through this entire pregnancy. The week of Joseph's birthday and Christmas, I could tell that I was starting to slow down a little. I was worn out and felt like I didn't have any energy. Once Christmas was over, I felt great again. I guess I had just worn my self thin from preparing and getting ready for the holidays. I go in Monday and then it should be every week after that. I should have gone in this week, but since it was the holiday's, they didn't have appointments. At 36 weeks, she will be begin to check me and I will keep everyone posted on our progress. Just to give you an idea, at my 37 week appointment with Joseph, she sent me over to Methodist to monitor me because I was 4 cm and having contractions. Nothing really progressed, so I was sent home. Then at 38 weeks, she induced. I don't know if it will go the same way, but lately I have had a lot of pressure and cramping so I feel like I will go early again. I also keep having this recurring dream that I deliver at 36 weeks. So we will see.
We have a lot to do before the baby comes, but I don't know if it will all get done. We have decided to wait on painting and getting Joseph's big boy bed for a while. So for the first couple of months, the boys will share a room.
I am so ready to see this little guy. And no, we don't have a name, but here is our list:
Christian Henry
Ryan Ellis
Ethan James
William ?
Your votes are welcomed!


The Meurers said...

You look great, and I love your list of potential names! Christian Henry is my favorite :)

Susan Cox said...

I like the use of your maiden name in the middle. And having two Ryans' of my own...Timothy Ryan and Ryan Matthew...I like Ryan, but I also think William Ellis would be neat. But they are all great names. Ya'll did a good job!