Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is hard to picture that Christian was spittin' mad right before I took the above picture. Many of you have heard that his little guy sleeps a lot. He does!! I just thought this was so typical of him to fall asleep right before bath. The evenings are hard for him and last night was no different. I grabbed the plug to keep him happy while I prepared his bath. It took like 5 minutes and this is what the result was...I guess I took a long time getting the stuff out.

Still asleep after getting him undressed and dunked in water. He stayed asleep a little after the plug came out too. Heavy sleeper I guess.

Trying out the bumbo seat. He did so much better than Joseph did the first time in this seat. Poor Joseph had much more to support (head wise), but this little guy just plopped in and held up his head pretty well. I have a feeling this is how my pictures are going to be with two boys. They just aren't going to care at all. Too bad.

Most of you don't care to see this picture because you see me everyday, but it is for the folks who don't. I am always asked why I don't post more pictures of Jeff and I. It is because I am the one taking the pictures and it is while Jeff is at work.