Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 Month Stats

Weight: 14.53 (44%)
Height: 25.50 (71%)
Christian seems like a bigger baby to me than what Joseph was, but Joseph was a pound and a inch bigger at 4 months.
What Christian is up to now at 4 months:
-Still loves his swing and bouncy seat.
-Out of 7 nights, he will only wake up once or twice a week.
-He only nurses about 5-6 times/day and a super fast eater too.
-Loves watching Joseph. When he hears Joseph, he will stop nursing or if I am holding him, he is trying to turn around to see him.
-Loves his Mama most of all ;-) (At this age, Joseph loved to be held by Jeff more than me.)
-Will watch Baby Einstein.
-So close to turning over and laughing out loud. I have gotten a giggle here and there, but not a big belly laugh.
-A little more feisty than what I remember Joseph being at this age. Christian will arch his back and wiggle away from me when he is upset on the changing table.
-This kid can scream! Not cry, scream!

Here is Joseph chilling at the 'Doctor's house.' (That's what he calls it)

Since I don't update on this big boy, I will do that today. Joseph, at 2, is up too:

-Speaking in complete sentences.
-Started him on regular toothpaste. Trying to get the spitting it out part down. He won't spit for us while brushing his teeth, but he will spit out his milk, water, chewed up food, and many more at the table.
-Will sing songs and do motions.
-Started asking, "why." I have realized that it all comes back to the same answer, "because God created it that way."
-Can remember certain things about places. (Ex: Every time we drive by Pearland Oilers Stadium, he will say, "helicopter, eggs." Referring to the Egg drop there at Easter)
-Is an amazing brother! Is constantly kissing and loving on CH. Joseph has never once hit or bit Christian. He has even started asking Christian, "Ah, wha de matter." and "Are you otay?" if he is crying. He is always asking me these questions too... I must have a serious or concerned look on my face all the time.
-Not potty trained yet. We plan to start that before Kindergarten.
-Becoming much more independent. He will get upset if you try to help him with something.
-Likes to pray at the dinner table.

There, my boys are growing like weeds and becoming wonderful little boys (if you ask me). I love them so much and having boys is one of the best things in the world.
(We are going to potty train in August if you were really wanting to know).

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