Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer is here

  We are super excited about our summer and everything that we have planned. Even though VBS, our vacations and some other exciting day plans won't officially begin until about another week, this past weekend, we had a good kick off to our summer.

  Last Saturday was Joseph's last coach pitch/t-ball game. I can not tell you how proud I am of Joseph! The very first game was a little rough because it was a first for all of us. He was a little timid and shy, so he had to learn how to overcome that and we had to learn had to handle it. The six games that followed, we saw Joseph do nothing but blossom, mature and overcome timidity and fear. Jeff really enjoyed having the opportunity of coaching him and the other seven kiddos (well eight, if you count Christian ;-) ). I really enjoyed taking him to the school once a week to work on hitting, fielding and simple techniques. I would have to say our first organized sport was a success and we are looking forward to many more.

Jeff handing out trophies and of course, Christian helping out.

Waiting patiently, in the hot hot sun to receive his trophy.

Go Cheetahs!!

 Another thing that has kicked off our summer is having completed swim lessons. We were supposed to do swim lessons with another instructor that was this week, but I had received an email from them saying they needed to find someone with a pool. I really didn't want to wait around to see if they would find one, so I started asking around for other good swim instructors and I was given the name of this wonderful lady in Friendswood. I didn't know this at the time, but the first day of lessons I had an Aggie shirt on. The instructor asked if I went to school there and I told her that I did. She then began to tell me that her son went there, so I asked his name, never expecting to recognize it. Well, her son is Jaxson Appel. He was this awesome football player for the Aggies when Jeff and I were there. I couldn't believe it!
  Now on to Joseph and his swim lessons. He did great! By the end of the first day, he was swimming! Each day, you could tell he became more and more confident in the water and I would have to say that he is officially a swimmer.

As you can see, Christian has to do everything Joseph does. He wasn't even signed up to be in the lesson, but Joseph's instructor was sweet enough to let him join the last couple of days.

Christian had no fear of jumping off the board!

Joseph was a little more hesitant and everyday they lined up to go, he would say he didn't want to do it, but she someone convinced him to jump every time.

We are really looking forward to swimming and the water parks now that Joseph can really enjoy it. We are also looking forward to the Fall because Joseph has been asking to play soccer next (and guess who else is asking?), so that's probably what we will do. We want to take a break in the summer due to our crazy schedules, oh and the insane heat!

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