Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 Weeks and 20 Months

This week I turned 15 weeks. To everyone and myself, this pregnancy is flying by. Since I have whipped through the first trimester, I feel awesome. I have energy and can eat just about anything (during the first trimester, certain foods made me queasy). I really think I am having a boy because I feel exactly how I did when I was pregnant with Joseph. I don't have any weird cravings with this one either. However, one thing I always did crave with Joseph, as well as this baby, is fries. I am still going to the gym 2-4 times a week depending on our schedules. This is helping me not put on the lbs so fast and I think it will help with the back pain towards the end. I have felt the baby move a couple of times, so that has been fun. I want to say I felt this one about 2 weeks earlier than what I did with Joseph. My next appointment is September 4th and I will be 17 1/2 weeks, so I should get the thumbs up to call and schedule an ultrasound. WWOOOHHOO! I am really looking forward to that appointment. I know my doctor likes us to make the ultrasound for 18-20 weeks, so hopefully I will get in pretty fast.
This week Joseph turns 20 months....4 months away from 2!!!! I can't believe how fast everything has gone. He is really turning into a little boy....getting rougher and tougher. His vocabulary since 18 months has increased so much. He says about 2-3 new words a day. Today, he said Ernie, bar and I noticed he is trying to say things like basketball, instead of just ball. Usually will end up saying ballball or bubus for school bus. And for all you Aggie fans, I have gotten him to 'hiissss' when he sees or hears me say the color orange. I am also trying to get him to put his hands together and do the correct motion, but it ends in a wave and he smiles when he hisssses. Almost there. I really don't want to influence him in one direction or another, but we have some TU family members, so I am doing this to mess with them.
That is about all I have on our home front. Stay tuned for more updates.

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