Friday, August 29, 2008

Movie Night and PTC

Every Thursday night we are blessed by Juanita and Andrew. They make us dinner, I bring dessert and when we are all finished, the guys go play music and the girls scrapbook. It is always a great time, and to make the night even better, we are also joined by the Harrell's and Selby's. Last night we went over to the Thomas' to have dinner, but when I was done scrapbooking I made my way over to Marnie's to give Joseph a bath. She is usually not home on Thursday nights, but she was last night because she is watching Mark and June while Kyle and C are on vacation. When Joseph and I arrived, we found Mark, Jack (who was going to spend the night as well) and June on Marnie's bed watching Tom and Jerry and eating popcorn. Joseph got super excited and wanted on the bed right away. I love watching him with all the cousins...he is finally able to really play and run around with them. Mark and Jack can make him laugh and he just loves on June and Tilly. I gave him a bath and he wanted out real quick because he knew he was missing something. I got him dressed, plopped him down on the bed and away he went on the popcorn. Marnie also surprised them with Halloween Jell-o molds which all the kids went crazy for.

Joseph blocking June's view. Sorry Junie.

Today Jeff had off, so went to half price books to sell some of our books and hopefully get some money. After that, we made our way to Pearland Town Center to go to the Barnes and Noble to look at children's books. I had also been craving a Starbucks drink, so we were able to kill two birds with one stone. FYI, about 3 years ago, Courtney took me to a Barnes and Noble is Pasadena (I believe this is where we went) and introduced me to a Sundried Tomato Pretzel filled with cheese. It was absolutely scrumptious. Today at Starbucks I noticed they had pretzels and about freaked. Unfortunately, they didn't have the sundried tomato one, but I did score pretty good with an Asiago Pretzel. They had a jalapeno one that looked awesome, but she said it was spicy and I had Joseph who I knew would want to share. After all this delight, we made our way to the water/spray area. We thought we would let Joe run through and maybe get sprayed a little,but he went right by all the random shots of water and ended up here:

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