Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wildlife Bayou

Today Marnie took all 5 grandbabies and Lindsay and I to the Wildlife Bayou in Dickinson. It was a blast. Being Captain Obvious here, it was a very warm day, but once you got in the shade and the Jeep got to moving it was very tolerable. The kids did great. No one complained of the heat and no tears of fear when the animals approached. We had one mishap with non other than my baby and my not so smart mother's intuition. I didn't move Joe when an Ostrich got just a little too close and I can only assume that Joseph moved his had towards the Ostrich's direction and 'Chomp.' Finger food! A little bit of a melt down, but was soon distracted by the Zebras. It was great day with all the kids and I really recommend this place for your kids. It would be a great fall activity and really recommend taking another adult because you can't really feed and hold your baby at the same time.
Thanks Marnie for a great day!

Another animal with very sharp horns!
I realized after taking this picture that maybe I shouldn't be flashing a camera in a wild animals eyes...might lead to an animal charging us. On a side note, this is a buffalo.

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