Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snap shot of our last two days.

My little man that I am trying so hard to keep from getting sick. My hands are soooooo dry from washing them so much. We also had his 2 month check-up last week. He was 11'13 oz and 24 in. Oh, and he is sleeping so well at night. Last night, he went 8 hrs from his last feeding-his first morning feeding... such a great baby!!

Joseph (this afternoon), this was after he finally arose from the couch and started playing and eating. This is what a smile looks like with toast in your mouth.

Yea, back to his old self...the look we have all come to know and love. The look that says, "Whatcha lookin' at punk?"

Taken last week...just thought it was cute.

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The Meurers said...

Poor Joseph! Hope he's all better. And I LOVE the last pic :)