Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two days

This picture says it all. Joseph has had a virus for the last two days. Tuesday morning he woke up really fussy, but I just thought he didn't get enough sleep, but when I went to kiss him, I could tell that he had gotten sick. Yup, he got sick in his bed...again. Such a sweet way to start your morning. Have to clean up the mess that has been there for who knows how long, give him a bath, and try to keep the smallest member of the family happy without touching him. We had actually had a follow-up appointment for Joseph to the pediatrics to look at his ears that morning, so we talked about him being sick. Of course, there is a virus going around and the vomiting would last about 24 hrs and the other stuff, several days. When we got home, we made a bed on the couch and stayed there until 12 today. Before he went down for his nap today, he had eaten some food and was drinking more...all of which he was keeping down and in. From this picture, you know he doesn't feel great because he has his sucker in his hand which he opened in the car on the way home from the doctors. He didn't want me to take it, but didn't want to eat it either. And then there is the Sonic powerade which he barely sipped on and the amount that he did drink, came back up later on the couch. So, needless to say we have been home just hanging out and washing and lysoling everything we own, touch, or breath on. We have a busy, fun filled weekend ahead so I am going to keep him home the next couple of days. I really hope no one else gets sick and misses anything this weekend. We have a lunch date with great-grandma, movie night, 30,000 Easter egg drop (from a helicopter) on Saturday, and of course Easter on Sunday. More pictures and follow-ups to come. Pray that we all stay healthy and that all Joseph's cousins stay healthy too...more fun when they are all together.

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