Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was much anticipated mostly by me because I was ready to be out of this house. We went and had lunch Friday afternoon with Grandma and Joseph seemed to be doing better, but during nap, he proved otherwise. I was so bummed, so we stayed home from the McDaniel's movie night. Then Saturday morning, there was going to be an egg drop by helicopter. Jeff and I were excited to see this. We loaded up and headed over to Pearland High where I saw the biggest church event that I have ever seen. There were so many people!! We didn't do any of the free games, inflatables, or booths because of the lines. Plus, we would totally have waited in line and then once we got to the front, Joseph would totally tell us no. I wasn't about to do that. Jeff ended up not taking Joseph on the field for the egg drop, which turned out to be a great decision. He said that it just didn't look like a good idea. Tons and tons of people lined the field and he just knew that he would wait all that time and end up with nothing. So, we just watched from the stands which was fun.
Then Sunday we went to church and then to Marnie and Poppy's for lunch and the annual egg hunt. It was great fun, but both my boys had melt downs during our time there. Christian's was during the photo shoot and Joseph's was during the egg hunt. Ahh, the joys of parenting. C-bear was mad because I woke him up and J-dog had fallen off the dining room chair onto the wood floor...I guess they both had good reasons to be upset. Mark and Jack were so sweet and gave Joseph some of their eggs since he wasn't wanting to participate in the hunt.
Once we got home, Joseph and Jeff hit the sack while Christian and I hung out. He was so happy and I hadn't taken any pictures of him yet, so we went outside and I took some photos of him. Then, once Joseph woke up and was happy, I went and took some pictures of both boys.
So, a great and long weekend. Please be in prayer for Jeff as he is going to France on Saturday. :-( Next weeks post will be brought to you from Dallas.
Peace, LLK

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